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Aug 7 2009

The Hawk Flies High

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One clear Thursday night long ago I was playing ultimate frisbee on the Kresge Oval with some friends. As we ran around, we could hear music over our footsteps and shouting in an otherwise silent and uneventful night. At first I attributed it to the loudspeakers that blast rock and roll across Massachusetts Avenue from Bexley, but these notes were the unmistakable weavings of a live saxophone. When the game disbanded I followed the sound. At the bottom of the steps of 77 Mass Ave was a lone saxophonist, young 20s, blowing into his alto, horn case closed.

I climbed up the steps and perched myself behind and above him, watching him play. Leaned back and looked at the stars, listening to the cars hiss by underneath his tones. I was in New York, 1940. 52nd Street. I took a gulp of my cola and he must have heard me.

"Didn't see you there!"

"Heh, yeah, I've been sitting here a while. I love it--really. Was that an original composition?"

"If you want to call it that, man, I'm just... read the post »

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Jul 28 2009


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Hey folks. I've been busy, which still isn't a good excuse for not having posted anything substantial in something like seven months. I kept procrastinating about blogging throughout the majority of the second semester, coming up with some ideas but telling myself there would more time during the summer to sit down and write them out.

Two semesters in, and the information on the banner above is already outdated. I declared Course 9, Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Having lost interest in economics, I figured I'd like to major in a life science. Biology is boring in my humblest of opinions, but the mind has always been fascinating to me. This is one of the greatest draws of MIT--I came here kind-of-but-not-really-sure I wanted one major, but with so many fantastic departments it's hard to go wrong. Still, I feel fairly confident in my declaration of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. The departmental requirements are full of classes I would like to take as electives no matter what my major... read the post »

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Apr 14 2009

Where You’re Going, Where I’ve Been

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Hey everyone! Some people have asked if I'm still blogging (mostly my mom). Yes, I am, but I've just been very busy/lazy/boring. The only major news on my end since the last time we caught up is that I got my EMT training and have started working on the MIT-EMS ambulance.

On your end: CPW!

Hopefully you'll be able to join us for Campus Preview Weekend. When I was a prefrosh, I couldn't make it to CPW, but I visited on my own about a month later. Either way, I urge everyone, admitted or otherwise, to try to visit as many of your options as possible. Campus visits really helped me narrow my decision down to two schools, and there is no better way to get a "feel" for a college.

I'm really excited to see you guys, the next generation of MIT students. CPW will be all kinds of fun. Click here to browse through all 660+ events. I recommend getting an idea now of what all you want to do when you get here. With so many events to choose from, it would be good to have at least a rough... read the post »

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Dec 31 2008

Quick Update

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New year's eve here in Karachi. Assault rifle fire is really loud. I can hear the pings of bullets landing in the street. As long as the electricity is flowing and the guns are shooting, I'll be awake in the basement and away from windows ready to answer your questions with the new and improved application deadline quickly approaching.

Here's a picture. Enjoy, good luck, and feel free to email me at the address in the banner. Have a happy and safe new year.

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Dec 11 2008

A Latino Christmas

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Yesterday was a big day for the news media, what with the automotive bailout drama, Obama appointments, riots in Greece, and hackers installing Linux on a potato. But last night in Next House, a very different kind of heraldry was underway.

This story begins on November 24, when a group of Latino students paraded through the halls of the dorm playing accordion and singing various indeterminate tunes. Next House traditionally being one of the more conservative halls on campus, people started asking questions about the spontaneous parade. The next day Roberto '12, who has since given himself the nickname "el Che", sent the following to the dorm email list:

"Apparently a lot of people are curious/furious about the parade yesterday, so actually we were celebrating the 'national latino appreciation day', which since yesterday is declared to be celebrated every year in the night of the 24th of November...(remember remember the 24th of November) it is designed to raise Latino pride in Next... read the post »

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