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Jun 7 2007

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right

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I graduate tomorrow, so I guess this is my last entry here, or something. Certainly my last entry as an undergrad.

It's been quite a ride for the last four years. I came in as a premed, somewhat intimidated by the idea of an engineering school, and unsure what I wanted to major in meanwhile, but leaning toward course 9 with a focus on molecular/cellular neurobiology - something premed-ish, but with an element that was not just straight up bio, and in which I had some preexisting interest. I didn't intend to take any computer-related classes, any engineering classes (hands-on stuff, outside of a lab, was scary), or any math beyond the General Institute Requirements. I'm leaving as a course 9 major with a lot of side classes in 6 and 18, who went for systems, computational, and mathematical neuroscience and neural engineering, who took a 30 hour/week software engineering lab that I didn't need to graduate, who TAed a robotics class/competition, who learned how to use power tools.

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May 8 2007


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I don't have much to say, I would just like to bring this to your attention...

Caption: Former UA Vice President Jessica H. Lowell '07 wrestles current UA Vice President (and Tech Campus Life columnist) Ruth F. Miller '07 in the mud pit at Senior Haus' Steer Roast. The match ended in a narrow victory for Lowell. (Photo credit to Eric Schmiedl '09)

Yes, that's me, in case you somehow didn't figure it out. I still have mud residue in my hair, five showers later.

Steer Roast, the context for this amusing photo, is an annual party, held the first weekend in May every year by Senior Haus. It gets its name because it involves roasting a steer, which people later eat. It has other food, and bands, and two nights of partying. It also has mudwrestling.

In addition to my mudwrestling, I worked a three-hour security shift - party security is student volunteers, backed up by Campus Police. My good friend Erik '09 was the head of security.

What did YOU do this weekend?

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Apr 18 2007

A follow-up

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You've now had a chance to post lots of questions. Now it's my turn to answer them.

From Amelia: What fields does course 9 include? Primarily biology? Chemistry? Mathematics? A little bit of everything?

It includes a little bit of everything, and because it's such a flexible major, you get a lot of choice in what you want it to be. Former blogger Mollie, for instance, took a lot of cellular and molecular neurobiology classes. I've taken, among other things, a functional and evolutionary neuroanatomy class (9.14), a developmental neurobiology class (9.18), a systems and computational neuroscience lab (9.02), a bioelectrical engineering elective on sensation and perception (9.35), and a class on what functional neuroimaging tells us about high-level vision (9.71). You have to take 9.00 (Intro to Psychology), 9.01 (Intro to Neuroscience), and a probability/statistics class.

From Anna: Do you know anyone at MIT who came from a rural area or a small, noncompetitive high school? I'm a... read the post »

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Mar 29 2007

Spring Break post

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Hi, readers. Congrats to those of you who got in. I remember when I got in. It was my first college decision, and I was so excited, and so surprised - I had not expected it at all! Enjoy your victory, but remember that admission just means that you got your foot in the door. It's not the end in itself. Take advantage of what MIT has to offer you, because there's a bunch of kids who didn't get your spot.

For those who didn't get in - we'll all be there at some point, whether it's other college applications, grad/professional school applications, job applications...there are many opportunities in life to not get in to someplace where you wanted to be. I was turned down by three of the ten schools to which I applied for undergrad. You'll have the chance to succeed wherever you end up. It hurts, but you'll be fine.

I'm going through the job-seeking process...I can empathize with the applicant pool. At least you guys get to see statistics on numbers of applicants, percentage accepted,... read the post »

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Mar 10 2007

Oh look, an update

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I haven't posted in a long time. This is largely because I have been swamped with work. This term is a crash course in time management.

I'll have more real updates soon - I actually have some planned - but I figured that I'd let you know what I'm taking this term, since some of you might be interested.

9.07 (Statistical Methods) - It's the probability and statistics class for course 9 (Brain & Cognitive Sciences). It's, well, a statistics class, with a focus on neuroscience-related applications. All course 9 students have to take a probability and statistics class (either 9.07 or one of the others) for the major. Honestly, I hate the textbook more than just about any other textbook I've had to use, but I like the material. It's relevant to what I want to do.

6.033 (Computer Systems Engineering) - Most people who take this do so because they're in a major for which it's required. Also, because they're computer geeks, and this is a class that plays to the strengths of computer geeks.... read the post »

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