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Aug 12 2014

Leaving a Mark

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In my last days at MIT, I painted this mural on my hall.

Knitting puns in WWII propaganda? What's not to love?

I'd always said I wanted to paint a mural on Tetazoo, and I'd had my eye on this image for a while -- I'm a huge knitter, and this was my desktop background for most of my junior year. I'd had my eye on the closet door it's painted on for a while, too: earlier in my senior year I'd stripped a off the badly-peeling varnish layer, but somehow I never got around to painting. But as my senior year drew closer and closer to the end, as finals were approaching for my final time, I finally decided to do something about it.

In a single day, I had a base coat up, went shopping for paint, traced the design from my projector (what, you didn't think I actually had art skills, did you?) and patiently filled in all the details: the lettering, the gradient on the hand. Sometimes I get into uniquely productive moods, and this was one of those times -- but this one was definitely catalyzed by a sense of urgency: I was leaving MIT so... read the post »


Oct 19 2011

Rainboots, Math, and M&M’s

Posted in: Life & Culture, Majors & Minors

This blog post is about the following picture:

In particular, notice:

  1. First and foremost, my super-fabulous high-heeled rainboots. I got them at the COOP on Monday after coveting them for a year. I had been waiting for a rainy day to wear them, and today was the day: it came down steadily the entire day. I actually found myself walking outside through the rain parallel to an indoor hallway I could have used to keep nice and dry-- but I was looking for puddles to jump in! There is nothing like stepping confidently into the center of a deep puddle, knowing your boots are totally impervious to the wet. Except maybe the joy of strutting around campus in black-and-grey fleur-de-lis patterened high heeled boots. 
  2. My new "i choose 18" tshirt from the math department (which is Course 18. get it?) The value of i choose 18 is (34376687 + 1499084559 i)/14485008384, according to the back of the shirt, and google gives the approximation 0.00237769994 + 0.10368577 i. A lot of... read the post »

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Sep 20 2011

Why was I up so early this weekend?

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 Both days last weekend I got up at ungodly-early hours (read: 7:30am) because I was volunteering for two different programs. Sunday morning was Delve, an AP preparation course run by ESP for area high schoolers. More on that later.

On Saturday morning, I was helping out with the Math Prize for Girls. Founded two years ago in NYC, the Math Prize moved to MIT for the first time last weekend, and it was a great success. Offering a top prize of $25,000, Math Prize draws girls from all over the country—and it’s the perfect excuse for a reunion with friends from summer camp.

Which brings me to why I was riding through Central Square on my bike on Friday afternoon. Five or six girls from RSI this summer were coming back to Boston, and we were meeting for dinner at the delicious Fire+Ice in Harvard Square. On Friday afternoon, I realized that this reunion was the perfect opportunity to get off my butt, ride my bike, and save $3.40 in T fare.

So here I am, riding along through Central... read the post »

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Aug 30 2011

Building a Ballpit

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The scene: East Campus Talbot lounge like you’ve never seen it before (since last year.) All of the furniture has been moved to the edges of the room or outside to the fort that is beginning to be built. The floor has been covered with plywood and then heavy-duty plastic sheeting, covering every inch of carpet. Tools are everywhere: most of them neatly piled and sorted on the tools table, but here and there is a drill, a crescent wrench, a measuring tape that someone is going to come back to. Every color of paint imaginable is represented in the cluster of cans in the corner, and spare scraps of plywood lie around the floor, half-transformed into witty signs to decorate our courtyard constructions. "EC Dining Plan: The weak shall be eaten." or "Wear Shoes or DIE"

The cast: The EC rush chairs, in charge of organizing all of the projects and events that have gone on this week, stand at the whiteboard. Surrounding them are the unmistakable denizens of East Campus: cargo pants,... read the post »

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Jul 14 2011

Guest Lectures

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Once I was at a fancy banquet-type event, one of the ones where they have multiple courses. Well, the soup was yummy and the fish was good, and then they brought out dessert. And it was gorgeous. A beautiful, sparkling peach, a couple of berries, a needle-thin stick with a pale green flower attached... it must have been made of something sweet, chocolate or sugar or something, but I never found out. It was too pretty and uncluttered to touch.

That's how I feel about the new MIT admissions website. I can't write a blog post! I can't mar this clean, polished page with my humble observations about the Institvte! And yet I have things I want to blog about, so here I am. 

But switching website designs also means switching back ends. I get to learn a whole new process for bringing my words to your web browser, and the best part is pictures are now super-easy to upload. You know what this means? Photos of kitties!

This is Galileo, one of two new kittens on Third East. He and his... read the post »

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