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Mar 12 2017

Putting The Pieces Together: Hacking at MakeMIT

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How many biological engineers does it take to make a motorized butterfly that chugs along the top of a giant golden cardboard stag head?

On Saturday, February 25, 2017, four intrepid biological engineers (Cathy, Katherine, Tara, and I) embarked on a daring journey into the world of “making” by signing up for MakeMIT, even though they had no experience whatsoever with anything at all.

MakeMIT is a hardware hackathon on MIT’s campus that brings over 250 students together to hack, make, and create to their hearts’ content for 16 straight hours. Hosted in the student center, the free event supplies all the materials and machinery that a hacker might need to prototype and develop their ideas: Raspberry Pi’s, Oculus Rifts, laser cutters, 3D printers, bandsaws, plywood, 1000 yards of fishing line, and much, much more. Corporate sponsors are also there to provide a few proprietary products for use (i.e. Nvidia Jetsons or Markforged 3D printers), as well as opportunities for... read the post »


Feb 23 2017

Follow Me: A Video Tour of Campus

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I made a video-thing!

During the second snow day of the semester, I roped my friends Cathy '17 and Tara '17 into making a video for all you wonderful readers out there. I followed them around campus while they talked about MIT, life, the universe, and other super specific things, like grass allergies and how to pronounce the word "Stata". If that sounds like a fun way to spend your next 21 minutes, then you're in luck. Boy, oh boy, do I have the video for you. 

Our goal was to make an accessible, virtual tour of MIT's campus for people who want to know what it's like to be at MIT but can't necessarily make the trek out here. Without a pre-planned script, Cathy and Tara just talked about whatever came to mind wherever they were at the time. It's not meant to be a professional tour of MIT, but rather a casual conversation with friends. 

If you don't really feel like investing 20+ minutes of your life into watching this video (even though we would love it if you did!),... read the post »


Feb 8 2017

Twenty-One Days Abroad in Twenty-One Photographs

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Over IAP, I had the opportunity to participate in one of MIT's IAP programs in Madrid. I enrolled in 21L.590 Global Literature (although on Stellar, it's listed as "Cultural Encounters: Spain and Beyond"), a full semester course condensed down into 12 days. This particular course was taught in English, but for those looking for a more Spanish-language intensive course, MIT also offers Spanish 2 and Spanish Conversation and Composition courses in Madrid over IAP, both taught in Spanish. Having already taken Spanish Conversation and Composition in the fall semester, I thought 21L.590 would be the perfect chance to finally take a Literature course and practice my Spanish speaking skills. The course would end up covering a crash course on Spanish history, an assortment of Spanish poetry, various excerpts from literary texts, films from differing perspectives, a play (Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca), and a novel (Leaving Atocha Station by Ben Lerner), among other things.... read the post »


Nov 28 2016

Homestretch: The Final Weeks

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Oct 14 2016

Invitation to Cross-Register

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PSA: This is a really cool guest post by my friend Katherine W. '17 who is course 20 like me and has aspirations of owning two Australian Shepherds at some point in her life. 

Isn’t this invitation appealing?

Step 1. Determine your eligibility

Are you a full-time MIT sophomore/junior/senior? Do you have time to drop 40+ min for transportation twice (or more) a week? As a senior mostly done with the requirements for my major, I decided that this fall semester was the perfect time to finally cross-register.

Step 2. Figure out which class you want to take

This summer, I scoured Harvard’s course catalog, looking for a class that both fit into my schedule and piqued my interest. I enlisted the help of a Harvard friend to look up course evaluations from previous years for the classes of interest (thanks Cameron!) because if I’m going to invest time in making the trek over there, I want it to be worth it. I ultimately settled on SCRB 192: Principles of Drug Design and... read the post »