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Jan 31 2014

Day 1: Going North

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I kid I kid, though I could write an entire post in Japanese if I wanted to. Maybe I will later, but today’s not that day.

I just wanted to share this picture (sorry it's blurry, I'll have a better quality one next time I promise):

It’s a lake, it’s frozen. I am standing on it while taking this picture. For a person who grew up in very arid parts of the west coast, I feel like a boss right now. 

Sometimes, even during IAP, even after being stuck at home for 6 (yes, for real, thanks mister snow storm) extra days than intended before coming back to campus, I forget that there’s a world outside the MIT bubble. Sounds crazy, right? Well, do you want to leave home when you have so much fun with the people in your family and feel comfortable there? The answer to that is usually no, especially when your home is a college campus... read the post »


Jul 20 2013

Eastward ho!

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This summer, I decided to take an internship overseas. Where in the world am I?

Two days ago I won a prime cut of meat by winning a game of musical chairs against a group of about 40 people (the majority of whom have their PhD).

Yesterday I apprehensively put the equivalent of almost $450 into a vending machine and received 6 (apparently expensive) slips of cardstock that entitle me to a non-reserved seat on what I can best describe as a train that makes you feel like you’re on an airplane.

Right now, I’m sitting on a bus that will take about 8 hours to get me half way across the main island. In my typical fashion I arrived at the train station <10 minutes before the bus left, had no idea where I was going, and somehow found it.

Welcome to Japan!

I work at a pharmaceutical lab about an hour south of Tokyo for a company called Toray Industries. Haven’t heard of them? Neither did I until I applied to MISTI-Japan and got an email calling for cover letters to apply for the... read the post »


Mar 10 2013


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Jellyfishing...GEL-ly fishing? Get it? Fishing for new GELs? Maybe it's too late for clever puns, but I'm posting anyway! 

Presently, I’m sitting here on Saturday night (well I guess it’s Sunday morning now, daylight savings time is weird) on the 6th floor of the Stata Center attempting to do my homework for EID (ESD.051, Engineering Innovation and Design, a class that all GEL1s take). This week was pretty long; I had tests in three of my classes: 9.65 (Cognitive Processes), 20.390 (Introduction to Computational Biology), and 20.330 (Fields, Forces, and Flows in Biological Systems). I’ve also been putting in several hours behind the computer managing the news department of The Tech like I normally do as well as putting in time to the GEL outreach committee.

Over in the land of GEL, it’s recruiting season! Even if you’re not a part of a fraternity/sorority and don’t have big productions to put on for your recruitment seasons like Fraternity rush or Sorority formal recruitment,... read the post »


Jan 20 2013

Class Crossover

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During the first week of IAP, I took a class known as ESD.054 – Engineering Leadership. It’s a short class required by the GEL program, and basically a crash course in being a leader in the engineering workplace over a period of five 8 hour days.

Now I could talk about my reflections on the week, but I think what I learned can be best illustrated by what I saw happen in The Tech in the few days before our most recent issue went to print.

First I’m going to frame the situation.

Let’s start here:

Last Sunday night (the 13th), in an apparent reaction to the suicide of internet activist Aaron Swartz, the hacker group Anonymous allegedly attacked the MIT network, leaving everyone on the network (including myself) limited to accessing sites on the network and those on the outside unable to access the MIT network.

Basically, if you had a smart phone on 3G, you couldn’t get to any sites that ended with whereas if you were on your laptop trying to use the MIT network, you... read the post »


Jan 8 2013


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Fun fact about me, on days when I don’t have much to do, especially late at night after watching a couple episodes of my favorite TV show and curling up with a cup of tea, I sometimes like to just sit around and reflect on things. If you do any sort of leadership training program, much like GEL, you’ll do reflections a lot, and it might take a while to figure out why they’re actually important, but you will. In fact, learning how to give an honest assessment of myself is probably one of the most important things I’ve learned from GEL thus far.

So, as I sit here having burned the midnight oil already, you’ll get to hear a couple of my thoughts about last semester.

To be honest, I had tried to write this post several times over winter break, but I wasn’t particularly getting anywhere. In fact, I wasn’t particularly interested in doing a whole lot of anything over winter break at all. And by not doing anything, I mean I REALLY did not want to do anything except sleep, play video... read the post »