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An Early History of International Students at MIT

studying the people MIT made, and the people who made MIT

Feb 9 2017 | Discussion

21 Firsts

highlight reels from the last few years, as I prepare to say goodbye

Jan 8 2017 | Discussion

Units of Measure

A simple question with a lot of cool answers

Jan 7 2017 | Discussion

Denied by MIT, 5 Years Later

what happened after pi day 2011

May 5 2016 | Discussion

Although of course you end up becoming yourself

on choosing a college, and realizing one of many possible futures

Apr 29 2016 | Discussion

MIT And/As Marathon

doing things that are hard

Apr 17 2016 | Discussion

An MIT Underwear Exposé (and Sorting Hat)

The coolest data you never wanted to have.

Apr 11 2016 | Discussion

Grey and Other Colors

Apr 8 2016 | Discussion

A Brief History of Cars on Fire at MIT

You didn't think I would miss an anniversary, did you?

Apr 5 2016 | Discussion

I Have Never Been to Beijing

A (loose) translation of the previous post written in Chinese

Apr 2 2016 | Discussion

It’s Not Me, It’s You

How to kiss goodbye to a school that rejected you

Mar 29 2016 | Discussion



Mar 23 2016 | Discussion

Stove-Cook Your Oatmeal and Never Look Back

To not-admitted applicants and anyone who knows anything about fuses.

Mar 19 2016 | Discussion

5 stories about MIT

from non-MIT websites (mostly just Quora, though)

Mar 5 2016 | Discussion


Why getting into MIT meant to so much to me

Mar 5 2016 | Discussion

A Story About Muti

How I performed a project in Ethiopia a lot sooner than I expected.

Feb 15 2016 | Discussion

3 weeks in northern Italy

Global Teaching Labs and MISTI-Italy

Feb 2 2016 | Discussion

Beacon Hill in the Fall

More door.

Jan 17 2016 | Discussion

Cozy Hobbit Times, Cozy Hobbit Food

Jan 14 2016 | Discussion


In every sense of the word

Jan 3 2016 | Discussion

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