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  • Afford / Cost & affordability

    How to apply for aid

    paint a detailed picture of what kind of aid you’ll need to be able to attend MIT affordably. Three steps to apply for aid.   CSS Profile: a tool provided by the College Board that we use to determine if you
  • Apply / Preparing for MIT

    Be yourself!

    The most important way to prepare for MIT is to focus on becoming ... expectations around the narrow goal of trying to get into MIT. As our Dean Stu Schmill wrote: In simple terms, we want students to pursue the things that
  • Apply / Preparing for MIT

    What to do in high school

    have different resources. It is our job as admissions officers to sift ... creative hands-on problem-solving to prepare students to solve the toughest ... One semester of biology In addition to these subjects, students are
  • Next steps

    [intro]You made it to the end of our virtual visit experience! We hope it helped you get to know MIT and the students that make this place so special. Before you go, we have some final resources for you to take
  • Help / Contact

    Visit our office

    [intro]Admissions at MIT Welcome Center[/intro] If you plan to visit ... Center The Welcome Center is open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday ... Please do not send application materials to this address. If you must mail
  • Apply / Parents and educators

    Advising your students

    ways to define the best, and we think it’s important that young people be ... terms, we want students to pursue the things that interest them with energy and enthusiasm. We want students to make decisions that are
  • Apply / Transfer applicants

    Returning students

    Secondary school materials Some students apply to us after an ... experiences of students returning to higher education. At the same time, we need to evaluate students against a common baseline of preparation for a
  • Apply / Parents and educators

    For parents

    enough to take the social and intellectual risks that make college really worthwhile. In order to best understand how this process works, we encourage you to review information we've posted about the first-year application
  • Apply / Understanding the process

    What we look for

    Remember that there are many ways to make the world better—we're not looking for applicants to have cured all infectious disease in the world by the ... . Lobbying a senator to amend bad policy changes the world. There are thousands
  • Pages

    First-year learning communities

    , you move to a new city, live with a new roommate, enroll in new classes ... trying to navigate your new life! Amidst the huge changes, some students ... . These groups help to provide a close-knit community and academic environment to
  • Apply / Transfer applicants


    their service, and we are proud to support a community of veterans on ... forward to supporting you through the admissions process. How to apply ... prospective students. While most veterans are eligible to apply for transfer
  • Discover / Life and culture

    Eating at MIT

    [intro]You can choose to join a conventional meal plan with access to ... setting. [/intro] Everyone prefers to eat differently: alone or together ...  approach to housing, we give our students options about where, how, and what to
  • Help / Contact

    Via mail

    find our mailing address below. We'll get back to you much faster via ... -related documents to us for some reason—or if you would like to mail us something not related to an application—you can send it to: Massachusetts Institute of
  • Discover / The MIT education

    Global education

    [intro] A majority of MIT students travel to study, research, work ... can expect to have at least one international experience with research ... that offers opportunities to study for the semester, year, or summer at a
  • Discover / The MIT education

    General Institute Requirements

    practical discovery and improvement.” To achieve this diverse education ... , and social sciences, including three to four in a concentration of your ... , including at least two relevant to your major, to develop effective writing
  • Student life at MIT

    likely get 4,500 unique answers from each of our undergrads as to what a ... freely from lectures to labs, from dance floors to darkrooms, from study breaks to startup meetings, from dining halls to family dinners. We could
  • MIT visits you

    [intro]Not everyone can take the time to come to MIT, so we're doing our best to come to you. We'll be crisscrossing the U.S. this fall to ... sessions are free and open to anyone who would like to attend. They typically
  • Discover / About MIT

    Life after MIT

    [intro]As hard as it might be to imagine sometimes, there is life ... for students to interact with companies through career fairs, recruiting ... mentorships, and chats over coffee. According to a survey of graduating students