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Jamie C. '19

MIT student blogger Jamie C. '19


I’m one of those seniors who can’t say they wholeheartedly love MIT, but I do appreciate small things like the cats at East Campus and the architecture department allowing me to play with ants and chocolate for one of my projects.

I thought I really liked science before coming here, but I’m now trying to make MIT an art school (it’s very possible and very recommended). I’ll be blogging about my weird architecture projects and East Campus, as well as death positivity, makeup, intersectional feminism, making random things, and aesthetics.

Music: Lana del Rey, Mitski, Zella Day, witch house
Youtube channels: Ask a Mortician, Kat Blaque, Buzzfeed Unsolved, emilynoel83
TV shows: Adventure Time (rip), Steven Universe, Bob’s Burgers