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DJ Rock

  • Admissions Counselor


Hi folks! To answer the question you've all been dying to ask - yes, DJ Rock is my real name. I come from Belleville, NJ (home of the pop-punk band My Chemical Romance and the best bagel shop in the world).

As someone who was interested in social science (and later education), I never looked into MIT when applying to colleges because I thought the humanities and social sciences didn't exist here. Clearly, I was incredibly wrong and wished I had looked into programs like STS or CMS at MIT. However, I ended up just fine at another school across the river in Boston and was able to be a part of the first generation in my family to graduate college (making Mama and Papa Rock very proud). I then worked as a college counselor for mostly Boston Public School students (please, show your counselors appreciation!).

At MIT, I help coordinate our tour guide program and manage our student volunteers - so definitely schedule a visit soon! When I'm not bribing our tour guides to sign-up for more tours by offering to sing them Rihanna songs, you can find me obsessing over reality TV (RuPaul's Drag Race is my clear favorite), listening to podcasts (most likely Code Switch), or community organizing with other queer people of color in Boston.