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Mimi S. '22

MIT student blogger Mimi S. '22


Hello all! I’m Mimi Gloria Suarez-Rodriguez!

I was actually born in Puerto Rico, but moved to Maine when I was like four years old. Don’t speak Spanish @ me, because I don’t really know it anymore.

I’m all about metal (and all music, I suppose). You better believe I’m going to as many shows as I possibly can in the area. Hit me up if you ever want to go to a show!

Record-shopping and guitar-playing are also doubleplusgood.

My main academic interests are mathematics and computer science. I occasionally make video games.

One last thing (and the most important): I am an out transwoman. So it’s about to get queer, up in here. If you ever need information about queer MIT, I will do my best to find answers and give you the good stuff.