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Mel N. '24

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Hi! I’m Mel, and I’m a Midwesterner. It’s a little complicated—I was born in Canada, moved to Iowa at age five, spent my formative teen years in Minnesota, returned to my childhood house in Iowa after I graduated high school, then moved back to Canada. In any case, I’m great at dealing with cold weather.

Here's a little list of things I love:

- My cat Coffee! She has an unfortunate habit of throwing up in my room in the wee hours of the morning, but she is otherwise a fluffy angel and I love her to bits.

- Actual coffee. But like, with obscene amounts of whipped cream and sugar. My fave: caramel coolers from Caribou Coffee.

- Tteokbokki. I'm kind of obsessed--there's this Korean bistro right across the street, and their tteokbokki is just HEAVENLY. Still perfecting my own recipe, though...

- Collecting pretty notebooks that I never actually write in. It’s kind of a problem at this point.

- Studio Ghibli movies! When I was a kid, I watched The Cat Returns on a sketchy streaming site over and over again until I started having dreams about it. My favorite Ghibli movie of all time has to be Kiki’s Delivery Service, though My Neighbor Totoro comes in as a close second.

- All Sanrio characters, ever, but My Melody's my favorite.

- Podcasts! Especially Wolf 359, Dreamboy, and Greater Boston.

The last time I updated this, I was a baby blogger who basically didn't know anything about MIT yet. Now I've got one year of experience under my belt, and I still have no idea what I'm doing, but I'd love for you to join me on my way as I figure it out!