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MIT student blogger Paul B. '11

61 Things to Love About Boston by Paul B. '11

Give or take a few.

A lot of the day-to-day communication at MIT happens, not through face-to-face conversation, but via email. I get email from my dorm, from my fraternity, from my professors, from the student groups I’m involved in, from my lab-mates, from my friends…and so on. Maybe it’s not as personal as face-to-face conversation or talking on the phone, but it’s handy, it’s convenient – and at MIT, everyone checks it. They don’t call this the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for nothing, after all.

Earlier today I got an email from Ben Jones that linked to an online magazine article that one of the admissions counselors had found. The article was called – as you might be able to guess from the title of this entry – “The 61 New Best Things About Boston,” from the Boston Magazine. (Grammar sticklers, take note of the proper use of quotations for the article’s name and italics for the magazine!) Reading through the article, which actually is rather good, I just thought I’d share a few thoughts with you.

#2This is why I chose to go to MIT. (Well, one of the reasons.)

#17 – Yes, yes, and yes. (I still like the Colts more than the Pats, though. Sorry, but it’s the truth.)

#28 – “Pedestrians springing from the curb like impala”? Yup, sounds familiar… (Remember the time I nearly got run over by a bus?)

#29 – Hey, how about when they shut down the Harvard Bridge for a day to film 21? (More on the movie itself later.)

#35 – Wait, Boston has a mayor? (As a college student who just happens to go to school in Cambridge and doesn’t actually live there, I’m sort of detached from the city’s political situation. National politics, on the other hand, are always interesting.)

#46 – Hah. Hah. Double hah! (MIT students, in general, aren’t very fond of The Boston Globe. Mainly because they don’t appear to be very fond of us.)

#56 – I want this book. (How about it, Mom? Dad? Random blog stalkers? Okay, just kidding on the last one.)

#59 – Yes, it actually exists. I want one of these too.

If I were to write up a list of the 61 things I liked most about Boston, I think it’d probably look pretty different…but that’s a challenge and a list for another day. Will I ever get around to writing it? Time will tell!

18 responses to “61 Things to Love About Boston”

  1. Keri says:

    I’m going to have to disagree with your response to #46, as I think that The Boston Globe is one of the better newspapers in print. Also, they don’t spend nearly as much time trashing MIT as the horrible, horrible Boston Herald – which is really more a tabloid than anything else.

    Also, we had a bad year publicity-wise. There’s no avoiding that.

    (Remember when they took out half the lights on the Harvard Bridge in addition to shutting it down so they could get a better shot while filming 21?)

  2. Davorama says:

    I want a Catsup Crapper!!!

    I love the little arms.

  3. Paul Hoops says:

    Anyone else here want to build their own Catsup Crapper out of Lego Mindstorms?

  4. Oasis says:

    Second! wheee! smile

    (hah! so you were busy typing up this entry before!) =p

  5. Steph says:

    I just got home from seeing 21. I was wondering how it was filmed around MIT.

    As for the article, it was a fairly amusing read.

  6. Paul says:

    To my lasting disappointment, MIT wouldn’t let the producers film on campus; the classrooms in the movie are products of Hollywood “magic,” nothing more.

    (There may be more to the story – I’ll try and find an article or something tomorrow, but it’s 3 a.m. now and even MIT students have to sleep sometime. :D)

  7. Tanmay '12 says:

    61 Things to Love About Boston:

    #1 – MIT
    #2 – MIT
    #60 – MIT
    #61 – MIT

  8. Anonymous says:

    #27!!! *dies* I want to go to MIT more every second!!

  9. Karen '12 says:

    I was driving back to Chicago from Cleveland today and we drove through South Bend. And I was like ‘OMG I SHOULD VISIT PAUL!’

    And then I realized that was kind of sketchy, and also that I wanted to go home. But I thought of you!

  10. Snively says:

    The Catsup Crapper was invented by my Toy Design professor!

  11. Connie '12 says:

    Paul, apparently it’s Boston magazine, not Boston Magazine.

    (Sorry for double-posting.)

  12. Natasha says:

    @ Tanmay ’12
    soooo TRUE!!

    #27- I’m going to make very good use of it. =D

  13. Very cool–Boston ROX!
    Can’t wait!

  14. I’m personally a big fan of 28.

    Though Rhode Island drivers are totally worse. Did you know they don’t even have to go through Drivers Ed?

  15. Lainers says:

    Regarding driving, what is it with Rhode Island (actually, much of New England) not having street signs? My mom and I got so lost!

  16. Boston is crazy, you guys drive on the curb during rush hour.