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MIT student blogger Paul B. '11

What Am I Forgetting? by Paul B. '11

A helpful guide.

I’m leaving for Boston tomorrow this morning. As most of my friends and family could tell you, I’m just a little bit frazzled when packing to go to or from MIT…so I would, almost inevitably, forget one vital thing (usually my cellphone charger). However, earlier this summer, my friend Waseem ’07 introduced me to this little site he made, which has cured all my packing woes:

Short, sweet, and simple. Now if only it could help me wake up in time for my flight….

(Also, hi! Yes, I’m alive – Sorry for my absence. Summer stories – and blog entries – to come, eventually.)

10 responses to “What Am I Forgetting?”

  1. Anon says:

    SIPB wake up call == awesome smile

  2. aj says:

    My son is 12 & wants to go to MIT. Any suggestions for him to get on the right path? I’ve tried to find programs for him for his age. Should he be looking at a certain High School to go to even tho. he is just in Middle School?



  3. Anoia says:

    MIT actually has this policy where we don’t accept applicants whose parents email us asking how their kids can get in. Sorry, but it looks like it is too late for your son. I would recommend having him look into the local community college instead, since you already blew his chances here.

  4. anon says:

    that’s not very helpful, although i guess it’s a joke

    @ AJ
    i would recommend you try to help your son understand how college admissions are pretty uncertain, but that there are many other schools of MIT’s level(despite what you might read here!), and also many other schools probably below MIT’s level which offer a solid math/science education

    if he does well in school and pursues activities which increase his grasp of science and engineering (extra-curriculars, building stuff for fun, reading etc.) then he will have an improved shot at gaining acceptance to schools like MIT, and also reap all the benefits such activities provide in of themselves

    with regards to high school, i don’t think it matters in terms of admissions, but in terms of the quality of the education your son receives, obviously it would be better to go to one with broad course offerings and motivated students rather than a poor one. however, once past some minimum level, i don’t really see the advantage of a private school over a public school. (although it might be easier to get in if you attend a school with heavily connected guidance counselors, it’s probably not worth the multiple thousand dollars you will have to pay per year)

  5. Shiv says:

    Hmm… interesting list!
    Oh, BTW ‘Second’!!!

  6. @Anoia: I’m guessing that was a badly-executed joke, Y/N? I mean, the boy’s 12 years old.


    Man, I should probably keep a list like this EVERYWHERE. I’m not a forgetful person 98% of the time, but whenever I have to get somewhere promptly, (like a meeting, a flight, or school after having overslept) I end up forgetting just ONE thing. It’s like a subconscious ritual.

  7. Parent '13 says:

    Anoia…Hilarious. 12 years old and prepping the kid for MIT. 1st, do not try so hard. Amazing, “a special school.” Make sure your kid is diverse with wide range of interests and classes, and does well. Also, do not show to the admissions office how bad you need to go to MIT. Chill, work hard, and see what happens

  8. casa azul says:

    thanks for the list!
    do we actually need to bring a suit and tie? in which kind of situations would we be in need of them?

  9. D says:

    Tenth! super cool!