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MIT student blogger Snively '11

A “World Record Attempt” by Snively '11

We can do it!

It’s Thursday. On Monday I’m heading back to campus, along with bazillions of froshies, eager and excited to start the MIT experience.

Going back as an upperclassman (a junior!? WHAT!?) is much different than going to campus as a freshman, for almost more reasons than I can count. My dad asked me this morning “Do you think the freshmen are scared about how hard MIT is going to be? Do you think they’re scared to get to campus?” My answer? No, absolutely not. If you’re a freshman, do not be scared right now. Be excited. Orientation is one of the craziest weeks you’ll experience at MIT, seriously. You’ll be rushing around, meeting tons of new people, doing whatever it is you want to do, with almost no mandatory events but a ton of optional fun ones.

MIT is very big into student organization and student-run activities, which is probably for the better, seeing as we’re much more creative than the institute big wigs. While all the froshies are running around having fun during orientation, the upperclassmen will be running around organizing, ferrying, making Home Depot runs, and generally going out of our minds trying to get things done. This is ok though, because we are used to being stupidly busy and are really quite good at it.

This entry is a shameless plug for an event that Keri inspired me to organize. She doesn’t know this, but now she does! Have you ever heard of Mattress Dominoes? This video will give you the gist of it. They claim it’s a “World Record Attempt.”

I don’t know about you, but 41 people seems like a really lousy record attempt. Maybe because they figure there’s no way to get more mattresses than that. I beg to differ.

In a few days there will be a thousand excited freshmen on campus, each with their very own mattress! We also have the second longest hallway in the country. What are a thousand kids, with a thousand mattresses, in one of the longest hallways, going to do? We’re going to make a legitimate attempt at the world record, blowing a measly 41 people out of the water.

Day and time are TBD at this point, but keep an ear out! This will happen, and it will be awesome!

See you all on campus in a couple of days guys, almost there!

38 responses to “A “World Record Attempt””

  1. Su ('14?) says:

    That will be awesome if you can pull it off!

  2. bd outsider says:

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that if it’s done properly, there’s very little chance of the record being broken, given that the people in the Pentagon are unlikely to bring mattresses to work.

    But the logistics of this will be crazy. Getting in touch with everyone, making sure they come, getting the people in line, getting their mattresses in line, it’s a recipe for organizational mayhem. But complete epicness if it can be done.

  3. A thousand mattresses? You better get Professor Greenspun to do some aerial photography and make something creative! Not that I expect any less…

    Perhaps do it on the next World Pillow fight Day come spring?

  4. AWESOME. :D Words do not suffice.

  5. Tommy '13 says:

    I’d love to do it, I just have no idea how I’m going to get my mattress all the way from my temp room to the infinite…did I mention I’m not very strong? haha

  6. Oasis '11 says:

    What is the longest hallway in the world?

  7. Snively says:

    It’s in the Pentagon

  8. JB '13 says:

    Count me in! And I think we can fit more people if we make a few turns!

  9. jennyqiu'13 says:

    I am totally in for that.

  10. Claire '13 says:

    If we went from merely Lobby 7 to Building 8, it would probably take a couple hundred people

  11. I want to go just to see 1000 kids carrying mattresses down Mass Ave. Also, Cam is right. There are these huge temp walls starting from where you turn to go to building 4 to the end of the infinite (sounds contradictory) that narrows the hall to what feels like 2 feet wide.

    After, everyone should bring their matresses into Killian and put them together like floor tiles and have the biggest bouncing-on-beds event ever.

  12. Cam says:

    Snively, there can has a problem.

    That stupid silly LAM (Laboratory for Advanced Materials or some such) construction along the infinite has greatly thinned the infinite’s width right there.

    Does anybody have a mattress we could bandsaw in half?

  13. Kim '13 says:

    absolutely amazing. I’m so there.

  14. hamsika '13 says:

    absolutely cannot waitttt

  15. VAL '14? says:

    Epic win.

    We better see lots of photos and videos. smile

  16. Anon says:

    Where are you going to get 1000 mattresses, though… steal them from people’s dorms?

  17. Liz '13 says:

    Definitely there!!

    Though I’ll need help getting my mattress there from Next House…

  18. Ester '13 says:


    You don’t steal. That’s bad. You just momentarily borrow.

  19. That will be awesome, wish I could be there! :(

  20. Luka says:

    omg this is epic!

  21. Olivia says:

    lol, that will be hilarious…and totally awesome smile

  22. Olivia says:

    no way! I actually posted first?

  23. Chris says:

    Although this would make our record attempt even more complicated and difficult, imagine if the train of dominoes went over the dome. Can you say epic!!

  24. NathanArce says:


    Uhm, what? Even if you beat the record first (with who, anyway?), we would still beat *your* record. So is there a point to that?

    Anyway, sounds pretty fun, I’m in….

  25. Vinay says:

    Not if I beat the record before you guys!

  26. Anonymous says:


    It was pretty obvious that Vinay was joking… defensive much?

  27. an MIT Mom says:

    Ummm… the world record is now 80 mattresses as of August 16th in Sydney, Australia.

  28. Snively says:

    @MIT Student
    I think the issue with that is they’ll all be involved with floor rush/painting/getting prefrosh settled/buying books. MIT has kinda started by then. If we do it early then we’re catching everybody when there really is nothing else to do.

  29. Garrett '13 says:

    pshh, 80 is nothing.

  30. MIT Student says:

    Is it really scheduled for September 1st? If you pushed it back to the 5th or 6th (after move-in day), then the whole Institvte could be in on it!
    Just a thought, and best of luck!

  31. Rob says:

    You’re scaring MIT Frosh. How dare you!

  32. A parent says:


    Fun idea to start the school year!!! Just a note on safety, I see a potential for ankle/foot injuries if participants do not position their feet properly. I suggest a few of you try it out first to find what’s safe.

  33. Vinaya '15? says:

    Fun, fun, fun! Another reason to obssess over M.I.T. World record for mattress dominoes…lol.