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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

An Overture to the Commencement of a Very Rigid Journey by Sam M. '07

Sam's Mom dubs me Sami-stop-spleening-me!, because I am always spleening her.

Very shortly, Sam’s Mom and I will be on the road to Cambridge. So, I’ll finish up this entry when I’m safely and comfortably back in room 224C. While we’re travelling, you can check this out:

Everything is Illuminated Trailer

Our road trip will probably not parallel Jonathan’s, although I guess Sam’s Mom could be Grandfather and I could be Sammy Davis Jr., Jr.

I think the trailer’s actually a little encouraging… it’s understandable that they’re leaving out all the Trachimbrod parts from the novel, otherwise it’d be pretty much impossible to adapt to film. Stylistically, it’s pretty close to what I imagined the novel looking like. I’m not impressed yet by the portrayal of Alex or Jonathan, but that half-second shot of Lista’s face with the car driving behind her… wow. Lista might be my favorite character in the novel. Still, I don’t get what’s up with all these sunflowers, and the poster is pretty bad.

Does anybody out there know what I’m talking about?

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