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MIT student blogger Paul B. '11

Anatomy of a Late Night by Paul B. '11

There are some problems caffeine can't solve. But only a few.

2 liters of Mountain Dew: $2.75
Mint Milanos: $3.39
Artichoke Spinach Hummus: $2.99
Wheat Thins: $2.29
Getting all your work done…

And now, I sleep, perchance to dream…

23 responses to “Anatomy of a Late Night”

  1. Anonymous says:

    why are you students so proud of being inefficient?

    why is it ‘cool’ to procrastinate (as is obvious from your blogs) and put off everything until the last night and produce work which will clearly be below your potential?

    i know a lot of people who do it, but no one considers himself so cool and extraordinary as you guys do when you stay up.

  2. José P. says:

    “i know a lot of people who do it, but no one considers himself so cool and extraordinary as you guys do when you stay up.”

    Oh, no: I, alone, am the most arrogant procrastinator on the planet. Besides, they’re not glorifying procrastination; they’re glorifying getting your work done, even if you were stupid — I mean, cool — enough to ignore it until the last minute.

    MIT mom — I don’t believe it’s the university’s fault that the student body prefers “junk”; I do, however, agree that universities worldwide should promote healthier diets.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this sounds like the Mastercard Commercial….

    bussiness class ticket for ur parents … x$ luxury ride to the hotel … x$
    tickets to amusement park … x$

    watching ur parents become child again….priceless

  4. Karen says:

    Try orange milanos – your mouth will have died and gone to milano heaven. Salad doesn’t even come close.

  5. Oasis '11 says:

    No offense to the nutritional value of salad, but it does seem rather odd to be tooling and eating salad at the same time.

  6. Paul says:

    @MIT Mom: Great point. I actually think I have rather healthy dinners: most nights, I eat at my fraternity, which always has a soup or salad and some kind of side dish in addition to our main course. (Perhaps I should blog about this sometime.)

    Anyway, I definitely agree that my choice of snacks last night were less than optimal – although at least hummus is somewhat nutritious, right? smile In any event, I didn’t come anywhere close to finishing all of the snacks.

    @Anon (8:19am): I think your comment shows that you’re reading a lot into this blog that simply is not there. It’s not that I put things off, in fact I try to keep up with my work as best I can, but I’m juggling 66 units (five classes and a UROP) and several in-depth extracurriculars right now – so sometimes things pile up. At least for me, staying up a few extra hours with some munchies is a great way of blazing through the work I haven’t had time to do yet.

  7. Ahmed says:

    Word. Just wrote near-complete post and I’m off to bed too.

  8. lulu says:

    ha ha! mint milanos were buy one get one free today at star!


  9. José P. says:

    Ay, there’s the rub —
    for in that sleep of death, what psets may come
    When we have shuffled off the Mint Milanos,
    Must give us pause. There’s the respect
    that makes calamity of so long course.

  10. Zorayr says:

    Man, you need some caffeine in there… I mean, maybe the chocolate will do it… but you can’t replace coffee with anything… smile

    I just looked up caffeine contents of Mountain Dew… apparently, it’s about the half of the amount in coffee… So if you drink enough, maybe that will do… but then on the other hand, that might be too much sugar…

  11. José P. says:

    Oh, and I can I pay the application fee with a money order? :S

  12. Anon says:

    Best. Blog. Ever.

    Also, I’ve got NO PSETS THIS WEEK!!!
    3 tests and a paper, sure, but no psets smile

  13. Holy mothers!(SCREAMS)

    That is such a superb post and YUMMY too.

  14. Andrew '12 says:

    Woo that’s me right now! Except replace the the wheat thins with triscuits and the Mountain Dew with Mountain Maze (shaw’s knockoff)

    Weee psets.

  15. Ivan says:

    @ Paul

    It would be nice if you could blog about food at MIT and the food differences between Fraternities, dorms, etc. I don’t think I have read an MIT blog about that, though there probably is?

  16. Hahaha I’m currently working on a 36 hour long mathematical modeling competition (HiMCM), so it’s been a very very late night with far too many energy drinks and junk food and we’re not even done yet :D : :O

    For all I know I’m going to look back on this tomorrow and regret having made this comment. But I guess the fact that I’m thinking that means it’s not that bad. Stupid Catch-22.

  17. deng says:

    oh. my goodness.
    we have to memorize that speech in english and present it dramatically in front of the class

  18. MIT Mom says:

    Why couldn’t you kids all have gone to Cornell where there is a great salad bar? Seriously, this is the one single thing that makes me insane about MIT – I think the food choices are atrocious. Food at MIT has the variety of an airport food court and the quality of well… see what he’s eating? Red dye, starch, caffeine and sugar. Plus, it’s pretty expensive. Paul, EAT SOME SALAD!

  19. Nicole '10 says:

    @deng – that’s because a MIT cafeteria (well, dining hall) food is virtually non-existent… we do have four dining halls, located in McCormick, Next, Baker, and Simmons – the food there is decent, although highly overpriced (and @MIT Mom – we do have a salad bar! I think each of the dining halls does, except maybe McCormick) – however, the pricing combined w/ the inconvenience of having four separate dining halls scattered around campus (and knowing that you’re unlikely to run into friends there given everybody’s ridiculous schedules and the number of people that actually eat in dining halls) make our dining halls very underused. MIT thinks the solution to this is to pour even more money into the dining program, while many students would like to see it eliminated, perhaps in favor of subsidized grocery options (ie. make LaVerde’s *much* cheaper)… a source of much controversy.

    and @Anonymous – who ever said it was cool to procrastinate? And who said Paul was procrastinating? At MIT, the unofficial motto is ‘work sleep friends, pick two’ for a reason. Could Paul have avoided this late night if he skipped out on activities and cut out all aspects of his social life? Perhaps, but here at MIT we like to do it all… just not all at once, so if that means losing a few hours of sleep, so be it.

  20. Dhvanit says:

    Now that’s appealing !
    Wish these things were available in my city too !

  21. deng says:

    after reading your comment, all I can do is lol

    and I agree with ivan. I havn’t heard much about standard MIT food besides the late night caffeine and one of yan’s blogs a while ago. what’s the actual cafeteria (or w/e it’s called at college) food like? and how many people actually regularly eat it?

  22. June says:

    a very funny short post.

    please, do blog about mit food!

  23. Reena says:

    @ Nicole:

    *picks work + friends*