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MIT student blogger Mollie B. '06

Application season by Mollie B. '06

Just thought I’d reiterate, for anyone who’s applying to MIT this year (or next year, or in five years… whatever, I don’t discriminate), that I feel your pain on the application deal.

I’m applying to graduate programs in cell biology and/or neuroscience for admission in fall 2006 (partially so I can make everyone call me Dr. Mollie), and I just spent a great deal of my downtime at the lab today studying for the GRE, and it sucks. Who would have thought I’d need to remember how to do things like factoring polynomials and calculating the area of circles?

I’m trying to get everything together so that I have the majority of my applications completed before the school year starts (because I’m going to be taking too many classes and working too many hours at the lab during term again, oops)… I’m taking the GRE general test on July 19, and the biology subject test in November. After I take the general test, the rest of my summer evenings will be dedicated to writing statements of purpose, filling out online applications, and reminding my favorite professors that they’re writing me recommendations. And it’s stressing me out like crazy.

I had a dream the other night that I got to the GRE test center, froze once I got to the computer, and got a 33rd percentile on the test. The next night, I dreamed that I had gotten into grad school, but in biophysics (and trust me, if there’s one thing I hate in this world, it’s physics).

So, applicants, gripe away — I am right there with you.

4 responses to “Application season”

  1. I might be interested in doing Biology at MIT… so I have to ask… how are the professors? I know you always have your good ones and your bad ones, but is there a general teaching “style” that most professors have? Do you have to do p-sets for Biology classes and if not, what is the homework like? Is it hard to get an internship during the summer? Is the work collaborative and how are the labs? And are there tips you would like to give me to make it much easier on me? Okay, I’m out of dorky questions smile.

  2. Kathleen says:

    CC and now—Wow you are just everywhere. As always.. advice for admissions is appreciated! smile

  3. Archana says:


    My name is Archana and i have always wanted to attend MIT. I would like to take up medicine,perfabely in the area of pedatrics and i would like to know if and when i apply to MIT doea MIT provide programs for me to take up medicine and hopefully apply to medical school

  4. Go says:

    Hi, Dr.Mollie.

    If you would be so kind, would you please answer my questions? How many biology classes did you take for a semester? For overall, how many credits did you take for a semester? I heard some people dropped out some classes at the end of a semester because they took too many classes at the beginning. How many credits are appropriate not to drop out a class?