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back in east campus by CJ Q. '23

jiggity jig

i moved back to east campus last weekend, and to continue the kinda silly tradition, here is a picture of my old room.

my old room in simmons, with me holding a key in front of it

the move was slightly less smooth than last time, because i had to carry boxes up three stairs rather than down three stairs, but it was fine. piece by piece helped with transportation again, and i had the foresight to distribute the weight between my boxes evenly. i realized that the heaviest thing i had to carry over were the four books i was using as a laptop stand, so i went ahead and finally bought an actual laptop stand. it’s way lighter. should’ve done this way earlier.

my laptop on a laptop stand

i made some new door signs for floorpi. usually they have some sort of puzzle, and i didn’t really have time to think of a proper one, so i just kinda put something together in a few minutes and made the signs. it’s nice to continue this tiny hall tradition, even if we couldn’t do the dozen other hall traditions because of covid.

my room, with two door signs, both with my name

it’s nice being back in this room. it’s warmer than my room in simmons, it’s nearer to medical and clover and chipotle and dunkin, and, well, it feels like home, even if everything that made it feel like home has been removed from it. but well, people are moving in this weekend, so hopefully having more people around, even if we’re masked and six feet apart, will help this place feel more alive.

last wednesday i finally retired my old laptop. i’ve been carrying it around and keeping it in my room and stuff but i haven’t really touched it in months. so i fished out the last few files, cleaned the hard drive, put a note saying what about the laptop was broken, and put it on floorpi’s free food table. hopefully some enterprising person will find some use for it.

laptop with a note taped on it "dead battery, broken keyboard, no os, thinkpad e560"

related-but-not-really, one of the games i played recently was night in the woods. it’s a game centered on mae, who recently dropped out of college and moved back to her hometown. mae’s been gone for two years, and a lot has changed while she’s been gone. so one of the themes the game touches on is what it’s like to come back to somewhere that should be familiar but isn’t.

the game also touches on many other themes and i won’t write a full-blown review, but i cried like thrice and it has my strong recommendation. if anything, the art is really pretty.

night in the woods screenshot, ame running down a street in beauitful autumn

taken from the site

ok that’s it. i’m going to go back to playing slay the spire.