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MIT staff blogger Chris LaBounty

Chem Lab Boot Camp! by Chris LaBounty

So course 5 (Chemistry) is doing something cool. Last January, filmmakers followed around the participants of 5.301 Chemistry Lab Techniques as they struggled with the intensive, high stakes world of ChemLab Boot Camp.

The footage has now been edited together in an engaging way and will be released throughout the fall in episode format. You should sign up for email notifications so you’ll know when they’re released.

I saw some sneak previews of some episodes (I’m an insider!) and I can vouch for their quality. They have drama, they have characters, they have danger, they have explosions, and they have a lot of people looking good wearing lavender gloves. (Whatever company decided to go with lavender colored gloves over the safety yellow color I expected, made a good decision. See below)

So you should watch the trailer here, you should sign up for updates here and you should also read this post in Inside Higher Ed about the initiative here. Ms. Watters points out that science can be cool.

But you already knew that.