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MIT student blogger Mollie B. '06

Chicken with my head cut off by Mollie B. '06

What I've been up to since last Friday. In case you want the Cliff's Notes version: it's mostly been cheerleading and school.

Some things I did since the last time I wrote:

    1. Attended 13 hours of cheerleading camp and practice. Thanks to some amazing coaches we flew in from Texas, we now have the beginnings of a competition routine. Well, that and bruises and scrapes and muscle soreness all over our bodies. One of our flyers, Ami ’06, looks like a leopard because she has so many bruises, and I’m not even kidding. One of the coolest things we learned this weekend is like this stunt, except that the flyer does a back flip in the air instead of a twist.


    1. Wrote two essays. I think that at other schools, maybe athletes don’t have to do silly things like take classes. Not so at MIT, buddy! Just because I was exhausted and sore and threw my neck out of whack trying to do this (as the one on the bottom, mind you!) — didn’t mean I got out of writing essays for the two anthropology classes I’m taking this term.


    1. Read papers and textbooks for all my classes. I read three papers from the scientific literature for 9.15 (Biochemistry of Synaptic Transmission), two for 7.31 (Topics in Mammalian Biology), five for 21A.260 (Embodiment and the Senses), and a book for 21A.100 (Intro to Anthropology)… also material from the 5.60 (Thermo) and 9.15 textbooks. College involves a lot of reading.


    1. Discovered a delicious calorie-rich snack. Ruffles “The Works!” potato chips are amazing. And probably of the devil.


    1. Spent 8 hours at the lab. My postdoc wants to get my current project wrapped up within the next few months so we can write it up for publication before I graduate… basically this means I have a lot to do in a very short period of time, and I spend all 15 hours a week in lab in a perpetual state of running around and doing five things at once.


    1. Made a formula sheet for my 5.60 test on Friday. Crazy anal-retentive people like me lurve MathType. We’re allowed to have a single sheet of paper front and back for this test, so my formula sheet is perfect and organized and chock-full of information, and in like 8-point type so I can fit everything in.


I think I’ve also spent some time in class, and eating. I also suspect that I have been sleeping.

Thank heavens this upcoming weekend is a 4-day student holiday in honor of Columbus Day and the continued mental health of the undergraduate student body.

2 responses to “Chicken with my head cut off”

  1. Robb Carr says:

    Well I keep on meaning to make a comment on ONE of your blog posts and somehow always end up getting distracted or deciding the comment is not not worth saying as its just not very intresting(My comment, not the post itself). MathType! I use that, as I take all my courses online. It really is very useful even more so when you have keyboard shortcuts, templates, and the like set up. Sounds like a fun (Busy, yet fun) increment of time. Three sounds fun…I looove pouring over papers and textbooks as I generally remember anything I read (The unusual part is I can never remember WHEN as in when I learned said information…I guess it relates to being disorganized)

    -Robb Carr

  2. bRAD cLARK says:

    chicken chicken in my tummy yummy