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MIT student blogger twins Danny and Allan G. '20

Class of 2020 Ring Delivery by Danny and Allan G. '20

we got our brass rats!..time to drop out? (also many photos)

Boston Public Library – Venue of the Class of 2020 Ring Delivery

photo cred: Nick P. ’20

Written by Danny

Getting a Brass Rat marks the (almost) halfway point of getting through MIT. It marks many psets and exams and essays and projects. It marks low points and high points, good times and bad. It marks many late nights and early morning and some late nights that turned into early mornings. It marks two.. whole… years… I can’t believe that 3 whole semesters have come and gone and the fourth is almost at a close. But it happened. And Ring Delivery was this past friday.

Ring Delivery is essentially this really fancy event where the sophomores gather in a big fancy place, eat fancy food, dance, and take a bunch of pictures ranging from snapchat level fancy to professional photographer level fancy. But in my case, I mostly ran around and took pictures (as displayed below).

Side Note: Allan is not in the first few (because we don’t like him haha jk). No, it’s because as a member of RingComm he had to be at the event early. But anyways, onto the pictures!

3E sophomores take Ring Delivery!

This first one is a 3E tradition – to take a fancy picture in front of the elevators. It’s not shown in this picture, but this location is also next to the garbage cans and trash shoot, and behind the bathroom on our floor (*classy*). I remember seeing the sophomores last year taking this exact picture and me looking at them and thinking that that would be me in a year. Well, this is that me ^^^

from left to right and back to front: Shahul A. ’20, Nathan H. ’20, Daniel D. ’20, Miles D. ’20, Austin W. ’20, Sandy W. ’20, Nia M. ’20, Karen C. ’20, me!

from left to right: Nia M. ’20, me, Katherine C. ’19, Karen C. ’20

Can we take a moment to appreciate how Katherine is photobombing since she’s not a sophomore? The initials of the five of us (me, Allan, Nia, Karen, and Katherine) spell DANK^2. So we were all upset Allan missed these pictures because now this photo is just a DNK^2 one … ow well)

 1) this is a very cute photo position setup, and 2) NONE of us are looking at the camera (Karen’s closest but also not quite there)

this photo is just too cute to not include

(photo cred for all 3E pics above: Sarah H. ’19)

Written by Allan
This was it! After Ring Premeire, Ring Delivery was the second and final big event that we, the class of 2020 Ring Committee, have been working towards! It’s crazy to think that we have been planning this since last year! I remember when this time one year ago, Vanessa, the chair of our committee, gave us each venue assignments to research, and we all compiled our information into a powerpoint. I remember during our meeting, when Vanessa presented the Boston Public Library, and took us through the virtual tour they had on their website, everyone was mesmerized by it’s ornateness and elegance. I remember visiting venue after venue, and BPL standing out among all of them. I remember all the discussions we had on Wednesdays and Sundays trying to figure out which venue optomizes everything we wanted for our Delivery, from good people flow to enough space (but not too much space) to vibe to distance from MIT. I remember the excitement when we finally secured BPL as our venue! Seeing this event finally come together was something truly special, but it honestly also made me feel really nostalgic.

It’s a tradition that the next year’s Ring Comm gets chosen right before the current years’ Delivery. This is because the first task that the next year’s Ring Comm does as a team is help run the current Ring Comm’s Delivery.

Here’s a photo of our committee on April 18, 2017 at the 2019’s Delivery, after working together for the first time to make sure this event ran smoothly.

(photo cred: CK L. ’17)

Now, here’s a photo of us, one year from then, at our own Ring Delivery! We’ve come so far!

(photo cred: JC Woodard Photography)

left to right, back to front: Gabreille F. ’21, Nico S. ’21, Emma K. ’21, Ben N. ’21, Annie Y. ’21, Jose C. ’21, Talia B. ’21, Joseph P. ’21, AudreyRose W. ’21, Jordan T. ’21,  Andrea O. ’21, Danny L. ’21

And here’s ^ a photo of the awesome 2021 Ring Comm after helping run our Delivery! We’re passing on the torch to you guys! Good Luck!

Before moving onto all the photos we took at Delivery, I wanna say thanks to Ring Comm 2020! It’s been a ride guys! From struggling to design that pesky class shank to figuring out athena’s pose to choosing a freaking venue to the ups and downs and laughs and late nights, it was all worth it when we saw our entire class celebrating their halfway point at MIT, fingers shining and faces smiling. I love y’all!

The actual event was so much fun! First everyone got in line to get their rings to wear them for the rest of the night! There were also a lot of fancy snacks spread out through the event (our favorite were the chocolate pretzels!), and a dance floor! But for us, the event mainly involved trying to coordinate with our different friend groups to get pictures together! And this sounds like an easy feat, but let us tell you, it was a mission and a half! Finding so many people in a huge, pretty crowded venue is really tough turns out!

top left: Borderline fam!!!

top right: us with Karen!!!

bottom left: 3E fam!!!

bottom right: DANK!!! (missing Katherine in this one :( … why must one of us be on Ring Comm and the other a junior) 

from left to right: Allan, Charlotte, Danny, Kristy, Dain (in onesie)

this photo requires no context. except we are tagging you @Dain. ur tol tote.

this is a representation of the group chat that we have with Charlotte… in this group chat, Allan flails around in angst, his mind prancing in the clouds. Danny and Charlotte judge this creature in his natural habitat.

We love this picture so much! <3<3

<3<3<3 us with the ONE the ONLY Charlotte Minsky!!!

CHARLOTTE MINSKY IS HERE!!!!! (this phrase has become a meme on J entry in MacGregor)

the succession of Charlotte, Allan, and then Kristy is p e r f e c t

(photo cred to pics from above: Nick P.’ 20)

actual snapchat sent to actual Anasatassia B. ’16

will we regret posting this picture on the blogs?