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MIT student blogger Mollie B. '06

Come in, we’re open by Mollie B. '06

I survived moving to my fall room!

(I realize this is silly. But moving is very difficult for me due to a) impatience, b) anal-retentiveness, c) dislike of hard labor, and d) all of the above. If I could wave my magic wand and have all my stuff moved for me, I would.)

My boyfriend, Adam ’07, and I moved to D-Entry of MacGregor today. We had been living in A-Entry for the summer — actually, strictly speaking, I had been living in A-Entry for my first three years at MIT. But I’m moving to D-Entry this year, for reasons that will be very apparent once you realize what a sweet setup we have this year. Adam has always lived in D-Entry. D-Entry is a wonderful place. People like Mitra even hang out here. It’s like one of those celebrity clubs.

Check out our sweet setup:

    • The suite door. Adam and I are living in a two-person suite, and we even get our own private door off the main lounge, so that when people are playing Gamecube and/or discussing the political leanings of Jesus at 4 AM, we can shut the door. (Re: the political leanings of Jesus, Mark ’07 and I decided, much to the chagrin of staunch Catholic Seve ’05, that Jesus, were he alive today, would be a Democrat, while Old Testament God would certainly be a Republican.)


    • The hallway. This is our little suite. At the end of the hallway there is a supply closet, as well as a box I don’t care enough to unpack yet.


    • The bathroom. We get our own private bathroom! Do you like my rubber duck shower curtain? I want a rubber duck mat for outside the shower, too, but Adam is against it.


    • The living room. This room is technically assigned to Adam, but it has all my clothes and books in it. We’re using it as a living room and study area, meaning that we get to watch TV in it until we have actual work to do. We have a nice view of Burton-Connor and No. 6, where someone is currently singing opera at a considerable volume.


    • The couch. It’s a pull-out, so our guests can sleep in luxury and comfort. (Guests? Who am I kidding?) Also note my sweet poster: “Integrated biochemical signalling in postsynaptic spines”.


    • The bedroom. Adam (who is wearing pants, I promise) is installing our air conditioner because it’s stupidly hot (the heat index today was 109F — 42.8C!) and because I whined that I wouldn’t be able to sleep if he didn’t put the AC in. I’m so good at what I do.


    • The bed. We shoved our two twin-size beds together to make one GIANT-size bed. And we put them up high so we could store our (okay, my) stuff underneath. The blowup airplane is Adam’s, though.


  • Adam installing the AC. Don’t you feel sorry for him? (But wouldn’t you feel sorrier for me if I didn’t have AC tonight?)

4 responses to “Come in, we’re open”

  1. Mitra says:

    Congrats on the move! I can’t wait to go back to MIT and set up my room. I didn’t know you had a bathtub — that’s pretty suite. (Get it???!?! Hahaha. Sigh.)

    Where did you get your shower curtain?? It’s really cute.

  2. Xander says:

    Thats so cool! I really hope I get accepted , i just got my application form the other day I was nervous looking at the envelope! Looking at your pictures makes me realise how much I want to be there your so lucky! Good luck for the next year

  3. Melda says:

    mm, sweet setup! i’m looking to get an A/C for my room too, but i dunno which is better, one of those ones that you put in the window, or one that you don’t. what do you recommend?

  4. Anonymous says:

    You’re allowed to live in the same room as a boyfriend? Do you need some kind of special permission for that? I always thought you had to be married.