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MIT student blogger Kim D. '09

Come to MIT by Kim D. '09

Get a free haircut!

It’s spring break! Time for students to stop frantically trying to finish psets and start less-frantically trying to take care of all the things they pushed aside for psets before. Catherine ’12 was quite busy tonight cutting hair at Random.

I was her third customer this evening, and I think she did a fabulous job. She started learning in the fall on people around the dorm, and by Christmas was cutting hair often enough that her parents got her special equipment, like these layering scissors:

There’s actually a mailing list at Random Hall for people who are interested in learning to cut hair; anyone can email and ask for a cut, but there are no guarantees it won’t come out looking … experimental.

This break I’m going to get to know my new camera better! I’ve started using it already around Cambridge. Can you identify all the locations? (Eternal Fame and Glory to whoever sends me the complete list first.)

14 responses to “Come to MIT”

  1. fox says:

    cute girl out there, can guys get a haircut from her?!!

  2. Alec '13 says:

    First! (and shocked)

  3. Archit'13 says:

    Second (and shocked)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thrid (and shocked)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fourth (and third one to actually spell out a number right)

  6. I must admit defeat on #4, but here’s everything I managed to figure out.

    1. Lobby 7 (freebie)
    2. The T
    3. City Hall
    4. ???
    5. Cambridge Historical Commission (City Hall Annex)

  7. I think Ann may be on to something with Harvard for #4, but I’ve been searching around Harvard’s campus for a while now and haven’t found anything that matches.

    The combination of six columns with a cupola can be found in the Business School’s library, but they’re the wrong color and the windows and architecture don’t match up. The cupola looks extremely like the one on Harvard Hall, but that doesn’t have columns. Harvard seems to have dozen of cupolas. Didn’t they think the first couple had the possibilities fairly well exhausted?

    An additional clue is the reflective building. Along the sidewalk level, there are orange windows, a sure sign of a semiconductor or nanotech lab. If you could find the labs in Cambridge along with the cupolas and columns, you could probably figure out where it’s from.

  8. Ann says:

    1. Lobby 7
    2. The T
    3. ??
    4. Harvard ??
    5. ??

    Yeah… I stick to MIT campus…

  9. lsanneman says:

    #4 is the state capitol isn’t it?

  10. comboy says:

    still i couldn’t find cheap scissors to cut my hair

    and haircut outside is ex-pen-save, plus i like your red ART

    cooking stuff and those wooden chairs, comics fun pages

  11. anon says:

    isn’t 3 the boston public library

  12. JK says:

    Hi Kim,

    I am a Diploma student from a local college, TARCollege, in Malaysia and am about to graduate in June 2009. Does MIT accept my qualification, ie, Diploma, for entry into MIT’s degree program? If possible can you please provide me with the link where I can search for the necessary information, eg entry requirements etc? I tried searching via MIT’s website but to no avail.

  13. Sagni says:

    dear my CALIBERS
    I am electrical engineering (BSc.) graduate from Jimma University; Ethiopia in june 2008. Right now I am aspiring to have my masters and further study from the MIT or Even my FIRST DEGREE ITSELF THERE WITH EITHER THE SAME OR DIFFERENT FIELD OF STUDY ( ENGINEERING), so please would you give me the way I can get success in this respect. I will sacrifice my self in at most state to achieve an educational opportunity to this institution regardless of any difficult I face.
    Sagni Amsalu

  14. comboy says:

    first picture is Random Hall, showing Catherine cutting hair (she’s focused)

    second picture is Random Hall, Cathrine looks like insuring my hair before being cut by her is on top of the list.

    picture on top is Kim, she lives in the smallest dorm and she doesn’t like red bull or caffeine.