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Kim D. '09

MIT student blogger Kim D. '09


Hi, I’m Kim.

I love MIT and its community of curious, passionate people. It’s a place where people paint physics equations on ceiling tiles. It’s a place where people experiment with polyphasic sleep schedules to make time for more math. It’s a place where you can meet someone who not only makes chainmail, but also will lend you materials and teach you the basics.

I studied Electrical Engineering at MIT (BS ’09, MEng ’10), and I lived in a close-knit 93-person dorm called Random Hall. Some of my favorite MIT moments were abroad; I traveled to Honduras with D-Lab, Germany with MISTI, and China with VI-A International. I also had fun being Treasurer and Trumpeter for the MIT Marching Band, half of a lion in MIT Lion Dance, Membership Vice President of service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, and (of course) a blogger.

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