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MIT student blogger Kim D. '09

MIT Quidditch: The Best Thing EVER? by Kim D. '09


Today. I. Joined. Quidditch.

The awesomeness is still sinking in. This afternoon was the first warm, sunny, beautiful day we’ve had here for a while. I bike year-round, but today was the first time since fall that I went on a bike ride for fun, instead of just to get to class. After exploring the Minuteman trail (including a statue of Uncle Sam; did you know that the original Uncle Sam was born near Boston?) I headed to MIT’s campus to take some pictures of MIT”s newest sport. I started out as an observer, but soon got caught up in the magic and was flying (er, running) around a soccer field on a broom.

Today’s practice was mostly about getting used to moving on the broom and handling the ball with just one hand (since the other holds on to the broom). We used a volleyball as our quaffle. We haven’t practiced with them yet, but we have dodgeballs for bludgers. We also have a cross country running who has volunteered to dress in gold and play the snitch. The snitch is allowed to run around the entire campus, instead of staying on (or even in sight of!) the playing field. If you check online, you can find some pretty funny videos of existing Quidditch teams and their snitches. Some of the snitches will do flips and cartwheels to taunt the players as they run past.

One thing that surprised me about practice was the wide range of students who came. Out of 11 students present, I think we represented 10 different dorms/Independent Living Groups. It was great to meet people from all over campus with a common interest.

Another surprising thing about practice today was the spectators. Given that the sport is brand-new, I expected the stands to be empty. There were some people at MIT (I think there was a swimming tournament?) who noticed us practicing and stopped to watch and cheer. I gave them my camera and it is thanks to them that you have the three action photos!

To MIT students: We have practices weekly, on Sunday afternoons. Sometime this month we will scrimmage Harvard. Several other schools are interested in playing us as well. Email quidditch-execs at mit dot edu to get on the list for more info! We would love more players and/or more fans :)

To pre-frosh: We will have a CPW event! I am pretty sure it will involve us playing a demo game, and you will likely have a chance to play as well!

Today. Was. Awesome.

20 responses to “MIT Quidditch: The Best Thing EVER?”

  1. Kristina says:

    @navin – my thought exactly!!

  2. Abir ('14) says:

    This is AWESOME! definitely looking forward to you your CPW event :D

  3. hassan says:


  4. Jonathan H. says:

    We totally had a Quidditch game over the summer! It was preeeetty epic, to say the least. =]

  5. jamesmgg says:


  6. Armin says:

    OMG, Which broom brand you fly on? Nimbus 2010?
    Haha, exquisite game!

  7. Anonymous says:

    There are people with pink hair at MIT!? Awesome!!!

    ha! my recapcha says ‘gossiped and’

  8. Cool game. Bad that there isn’t a video on it.

  9. Shraddha Pai says:

    I am a little confused.. do u guys really fly or is it just running around with the broomsticks??

  10. Muskan says:


    I wish I had enough people around me who’ll play quidditch with me. Wow.


    I wish I had enough people around me who’ll play quidditch with me. Wow.


  11. Flora '14 says:

    QUIDDITCH AT CPW?! Hahahaa I’m sooo excited. =D

  12. kimd says:

    @Shraddha Pai Unfortunately we can’t really fly yet, so we just pretend.

    @Anonymous Hair with crazy colors is all over the place at MIT smile

  13. navin says:

    i think MIT should be soon be able to design a real broomstick for Quidditch ;P

  14. Yuting says:

    Cool! Unfortunately due to the gravity and non-magic environment we can’t fly but…how fun!!!
    Sigh…we do not have such brilliant brooms :D

  15. Sparktrog says:

    Ahhh, just made my dreams to get to this school so much bigger!

  16. Armin says:

    One technical somehow educational question:
    Did the girl use dying cream or is it spray? And if it’s cream, how did she bleach her hair first.

    Please respond using SI units (Oxidation Volume)

    Please aid me toward my crazy hair coloring habits.


  17. Shivam says:

    Hahahah veryyy cool. Harry Potter is so boss, Team Dumbledore for life smile

  18. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t having a broom up your crotch hurt after a while? Wouldn’t that feel like riding on an old bad bicycle seat?

  19. Anirban says:

    dese posts makes me wanna go to MIT even MOREE!!!!!