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MIT student blogger Natasha B. '16

cpw at pika by Natasha B. '16

a continuing experiment in cooperative campus-previewing

Campus Preview Weekend starts tomorrow, and for pika, my cooperative independent living group, that means:

  • Improv, meditation, DIY sushi, a jam session, and late-night smoothies on Thursday
  • Soapmaking, screen printing, hair dying, Italian dinner, forkapple*, shoeblade**, a tea party, and late-night crepe-making on Friday
  • Breakfast, board games, 23.001: Intro to Hippie Stereotypes, DIY clothing workshop, telephone pictionary*** and hot chocolate on Saturday

…and a healthy breakfast Sunday morning to finish off the weekend. If you’re a prefrosh, come by! If you’re not a prefrosh, come by! The schedule can be found here.

This is all about pika.

This is all about food at pika.

This is a picture of pika:





*what is forkapple? the best game ever.

**the second-best game ever

**tied for the second-best game ever