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MIT student blogger Snively '11

CPW 2008: The Hack Edition by Snively '11

What!? Already!?

Hackers don’t waste any time hacking CPW this year. It’s the first day and already some strange things are appearing around campus.

Have you ever been walking down the hall and caught a whiff of rotting flesh? Maybe heard the sounds of a shuffling creature behind you, limping and dragging his right foot? Have you ever been standing quietly, uneasy, and heard a barely audible groan from right over your left shoulder? Students at MIT realize that a zombie invasion is a serious threat, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. MIT, although likely concerned about our safety, doesn’t see the zombies as a threat, forcing hackers to help protect the students. While traveling down the hall in building 16 you will see something that looks like this.

Upon closer inspection

Finally, we can rest easy, knowing that if ever we are threatened by the undead, we have a convenient and easily accessible form of defense. Some are oblivious to the threat and are confused by the need for a chainsaw in a box. They will be the first to go come the zompocalypse.

Seeing this got me thinking . . . why would there be a chainsaw in building 16? Sure, it’s heavily trafficked, but wouldn’t it make more sense to have the chainsaw in building 46, the Brain and Cognitive sciences building? I headed over there.

Sure enough, sitting in the lobby . . .

Students of MIT and CPW prefrosh, I am happy to announce that, in case of zombie invasion, we will have a chance at survival. If we are forced to take action, grab the nearest chainsaw and head for the small dome, we’ll fend them off and wait for rescue. Are you with me???

26 responses to “CPW 2008: The Hack Edition”

  1. Beau Brown says:

    Just when I thought MIT couldn’t get any better… It suddenly did! That’s an awesome hack.

  2. Truman says:

    Um, in a zombie attack a crowbar is a far more practical weapon. DUR-HEY, MIT.

  3. Hawkins says:

    What about raptor attacks?! =O

  4. Jerome Baum says:

    Well that thing isn’t going to be useful in an alien attack, a terrorist attack (damn, you’re in the flippin’ USA!), or anything other than a zombie attack.

    And I thought people were smarter these days, a bit more efficiency, come on!



  5. Piper '11 says:

    Everyone knows you should go to Simmons for a zombie attack. Think of the sniper ratio!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Only MIT is prepared for zombie attacks. Just another reason to go. :]

  7. Hawkins says:

    lol, sniper ratio… good thinking, Paul.

  8. Isshak says:

    And when I proposed this to my school, they said i was crazy…I knew that MIT was prepared for every event possible !
    Er, Hawkins, Piper talked about sniper ratio, not Paul ! lol ^^’

  9. Isshak says:

    Also, I love the word “zompocalypse”, good work Snively !

  10. Travis says:

    But this begs the question, are the zombies intelligent enough to grab the chainsaws and start a new level of massacre?

  11. Beau Brown says:

    Travis: According to Max Brook’s “Zombie Survival Guide,” then no, they are not intelligent enough to realize that there are more powerful weapons than their fists!

  12. Hawkins says:

    Wow, big oversight on my part… I blame it on my way-too-long absence from these blogs. Never join the navy. =P

  13. Alli says:

    I Will Have Truly Found Paradise perhaps

  14. Piper '11 says:

    Yvan Eht Nioj =P

  15. Piper '11 says:

    Also, they Rick-rolled the media lab video in building 16 =D

  16. rko says:

    IWHTFP spelled out is in lobby 7 as of 5AM or so when I walked by.

    I will? I wont’? raspberry

  17. Paul Hoops says:

    What about a robot uprising? I assume that there are plenty of robots in MIT. Other than you, Snively, is anyone prepared to defend themselves from the coming rebelion?

  18. Hawkins says:

    @Piper – I see what you did there. =P

    hahaha, IWHTFP, brilliant!

  19. Judy Hao '12 says:

    I have a pic of that on my cell phone lawl

    anyways, it’s good for those late night parties when one of your friends goes off after ten cans of red bull.

  20. Piper '11 says:

    Robots? That’s ridiculous! There aren’t robots that want to take over the world. *shifty eyes*

  21. Roshan '12 says:

    Yay!! lol, I saw that hack too! And yes, I got a picture! XD I can’t wait to show my friends. =)

  22. Anonymous says:

    These hacks were just the beginning, prefrosh!
    If you come to MIT, you’ll see lots of hacks, sometimes even hacks against people, like trolling their blogs, etc. It’s really fun! It’s also even more fun if you’re trolling them, and they’re someone they see everyday because you live right down the hall from them!

    tl;dr MIT loves it when you mess with people’s minds.

  23. Connie '12 says:

    Was that the only hack? I saw a cop car inside the Stata building. Is that always there?

  24. Snively says:

    The cop car is actually a museum exhibit from a really old hack. That police car appeared on the dome one day, now it’s on display in Stata. Same with the cow.