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MIT student blogger Chris S. '11

CPW Events That You Should Come To! by Chris S. '11

totally biased, but hey, it's my blog raspberry

This is going to be my third CPW, and all I can tell you that you’ll soon discover that “great,” “fun,” and “amazing” will become understatements.

Hopefully the weather would be nice this coming weekend – these last two days have been nothing short of gorgeous (it’s SEVENTY-SEVEN DEGREES out right now. hear that? SEVENTY-SEVEN). (it’s currently predicted to be cold and rainy during the first two days of CPW :( )

Yes, you have the huge, official guide to CPW events, but don’t you want some highlighting done for you? ;)

THURSDAY night, 7-9pm+, iHouse International Dinner!

I live in this really small living group on campus (smaller than frats, sororities, and ILGs) called iHouse – in fact, there’s only 20 of us scattered in 17 rooms on the first two floors of New House, one of the West Campus dorms.

Suffice it to say, we do pretty awesome stuff:

Come for a great night of international dinner, featuring cuisine from around the world (Marisa ’13 makes the best creme brulee for your life, Tiantian ’13 can make a Beijing Roast Duck from scratch (SERIOUSLY! can you do that?!), Alvin ’13 can make Ugandan goat dishes, and this is what just the froshies are capable of!). Since we will be cooking then eating, you’ll be able to help us out, learn a recipe or two, and enjoy a scrumptious dinner afterwards! :D

Dinner will be topped off by poker (of the American variety) and an international movie in the lounge immediately following.

NOTE: Contrary to common misconception, we’re not an international students’ house! (although international students are very welcome!). Actually, about 2/3 of our house are domestic students, and we try to maintain a balance between the two groups.

The best way to get to know us is really to come and talk to us in person, as iHouse is just too diverse and multi-faceted to be explained through videos and text. :) We will be looking for 5-6 frosh to join our diverse community next year, and once you sign on, you won’t regret the journey :D

THURSDAY, 9.30-midnight, Johnson Athletic Center, CPW Welcome Festival!

Don’t miss out on the CPW Festival! Although this is only one small entry in the extensive CPW listing, you’ll get to interact with a sampling of the most active groups on campus through fun activities! Intended to be the “welcome festival” that contrasts with the real “Activities Fair” on Saturday where we have promotional material that actually shows what we do, the Welcome Festival is designed purely for you guys to have a great time, and there’s a slew of cool activities lined up for you, including:

Chocolate River (don’t know what it is? come and find out!) presented by Leadership Training Institute – look for the ORANGE SHIRTS!

“Chocolate Milk + Ping Pong Ball Activity” presented by MIT Model United Nations, the proud host of the annual MIT Model United Nations Conference to high school students! – look for the GREEN SHIRTS!

FRIDAY, 2-4p, Johnson, Academic Fair

Don’t miss the Academics Fair, where faculty, staff, and students from pretty much every major offered at MIT will be there to address your questions. There’s always been some talk of what MIT Humanities is like, so especially take this time to ask about those humanities classes that you are curious about, or even how to pick up a humanities double major at a tech university!

FRIDAY, 5-6p, W20 (Student Center)-407, LTI Ice Cream Social!

Come learn more about Leadership Training Institute, led by a great group of people whose energy is probably unparalleled on MIT campus. In recent years, LTI has been making a big impact on the lives of Boston-area students, but we have also successfully brought our program to Brazil this IAP, and China this coming summer.

Enjoy some ice cream, meet some of the cool mentors, and also try out our interactive group icebreaker / games that make LTI so special.

FRIDAY, 6.30-8p, W20 (Student Center)-Lobdell Dining Hall (second floor), MEET THE BLOGGERS

We don’t bite, really! :)

(okay, we won’t bite hard)

(did we tell you that you should bring your computer to the blogger meet up?) – Non Sequitur, February 18, 2009

FRIDAY, 7-10p, New House, New House Battles!

See the nine cultural houses of New House (New House is really one dorm building subdivided into nine smaller living groups – iHouse is one of them) battle it out with a variety of activities, and join in!

iHouse will be hosting a hot sauce eating battle, and suffice it to say…

You have not tried hot sauce until you’ve tried the iHouse special blend of hot sauce. Where else during CPW can you find a hot sauce eating competition?! Try the famed iHouse blend of hot sauce that all of our residents have experienced through trial by fire, and see if you can live up to the challenge. ;)

SATURDAY, 1-3p, Johnson, Activities Midway

This is the more “formal” presentation of MIT’s student groups, as compared to the Welcome Festival on Thursday.

COME! Get a crapload of free goods, visit MIT’s 400+ student groups, and see what you can be involved in at campus after you matriculate in the fall. One of the biggest assets of MIT is its student groups, and I’m sure you’ll agree after coming to the Midway. :)

SATURDAY, 3-4p, McCormick (a short walk from Johnson), MIT MUN International Desserts!

Come chat with us about MIT MUN while enjoying cannolis from Mike’s Pastry (a Boston favorite), egg tarts from Chinatown (my favorite), cheesecakes from Finale (a popular favorite), and cupcakes from Sweet Bakery in Boston! (a recent favorite)

A traditional MIT MUN event since we-don’t-know-how-many CPWs ago, you’ll have a great time!

SATURDAY, 3-6p, New House, Taste of New House


Approved by Steve ’11, our resident American cuisine connoisseur, and Marisa ’13, our Culinary Director and Dictator of the Kitchen.

And explore the rest of New House while you’re at it!

Other Must-Go CPW Events

THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY nights, Next House, Next Act!

A fully student-directed musical with full music accompaniment (also provided by students) put on by Next House for 25+ years!

Be sure to check it out – I saw my first Act as a freshman, and it was a blast.

FRIDAY, 8pm, Senior House, Bouncy Ball Drop

If you ever wanted bouncy balls to throw at your friends for the whole duration of CPW, here is your chance to stock up. :P

Late during CPW, Somewhere, Sometime

A certain citrusy-tour. Ask your friends (or follow them). Someone will know. :)

I will most certainly be at all of the events listed above (the actual purpose of this blog may have been to help organize my CPW :P), and don’t be afraid to come up and say hi! Who knows, I might have something for you :)

Get pumped for this weekend! ^______^

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  1. oasis '11 says:

    @ ’12 –

    chill out. i’m being very vague on purpose, and if you google it you can see that it’s already been discussed previously in very un-vague terms all over the internet (including these blogs).

    @ anonymous –

    yes! i’ll add that in at the bottom.

  2. '12 says:

    Seriously, the blogs are not the place to be talking about tours.

  3. Jochi Pochi says:

    Chris you are the best!!!!
    I was waiting for something like this :D

  4. anonymous says:

    One of our favorite events was the Bouncy Ball Drop at Senior House. Hundreds and hundreds of bouncy balls dropped from the roof all at one time! Check it out Friday night at 8pm at Senior House Courtyard.

  5. Shalabh says:

    Hey! Chris the short movie is awesome….

    Chptcha: quincy stating

  6. genius ('18) says:

    From Comments:
    “One of our favorite events was the Bouncy Ball Drop at Senior House. Hundreds and hundreds of bouncy balls dropped from the roof all at one time! Check it out Friday night at 8pm at Senior House Courtyard.”
    HMM… interesting, reminds me of one of those classic MIT hacks that took place a while a go, where the roof of a lecture hall opened up and hundreds of balls with stuff about cartoons fell out… Anyone know exactly what I am referring to? Any ideas Chris?

  7. Jon says:

    Find 1000’s of hot sauce products at