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Chris S. '11

MIT student blogger Chris S. '11


One question that people always ask me is, "Chris, are you an international student?" Sometimes I say yes, and other times I say no. To be honest, I don't really know myself.

I am not a de jure international student since I hold a US passport. However, prior to coming to MIT, I had never lived in the US for more than three months consecutively. I grew up in Taiwan, I went to school in Taiwan, and I consider Taiwan to be my home. In fact, before I was 10, I had no idea that I possessed a US passport. In that regard, I guess you can call me a de facto international student.

So, hi. My name is Chris Su. I think in both Mandarin and English. I cry when I see people pour soy sauce over rice and call it "Chinese food." I smile when I see pineapples get categorized under "exotic fruits" in American supermarkets. I consume too many instant noodles for my own good, but do it anyways. I love the sun, and I can't imagine how cold I would be in the coming winter.

I heart green tea.

I am an optimist, and I believe that people are naturally good. I love to smile, and people say I bounce when I walk. I have a very good sense of time (so that's why I never wear a watch), but I seem to be perpetually late. I am naturally shy, but if you've known me long enough, you probably could never tell.

So this is me, an Asian student trying to make sense of MIT and The Great America. I don't know what MIT has in store for me yet, but am certain it would be one amazing journey.

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