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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Deferred by Matt McGann '00

Posting for deferred students.

In the coming weeks, the blogs will have some thoughts & advice about being deferred. In the meantime, feel free to use this post’s comments space to discuss anything deferral-related.

100 responses to “Deferred”

  1. Raksha says:

    does anyone know of anyone who has received a deferral or rejection?

    was just wondering if tubes travel faster in the mail…

  2. David says:

    I’m almost certain that everyone who has not gotten any word have been deferred/rejected.

  3. Raksha says:

    awwe, i really hope not. but i guess we’ll see.

    deferred is *not* rejection.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t gotten my letter either – just checked the mail.

    Does that mean that I didn’t get in? Oh no.

  5. Sam says:

    I live just outside Boston, MA, and I haven’t gotten anything yet… I think I am being toyed with

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have a feeling that the tubes were Fedexed so all of the people who got in found out yesterday. Everyone else will probably get there letters today or tomorrow. (That is really messed up… I didn’t want to find out by deductive reasoning.)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I live 20 miles from Boston, and have not gotten anything.

    3 people at my school got tubes, and at least one was postmarked December 8 (Thursday). The ones that got sent on Friday probably got backlogged at the Boston post office during the storm, and are being sent slowly due to the high volume of mail that that center processes.

  8. Dave says:

    Agreed FedEx’ing the tubes would suck. I live in Massachusetts so by any logical use of the USPS I should have either a tube or letter by now. But from the sounds of it people who got tubes got them from their regular mail people, not from a FedEd guy. Maybe our town’s mail systems just suck? Holding out hope.

  9. shyang says:

    i live across the river… i can see mit from my roof… and i haven’t gotten anything either

    oh the pain of waiting

  10. Hamster says:

    I hate waiting as much as the next person, but I’m getting a real kick out of reading all the crazy rumors!

  11. Khim says:

    im so scared.. all the best to all of you.. in houston.. received nothing.. the best of luck once again

  12. Katie says:

    I live in Los Angeles…and I haven’t gotten anything yet…I don’t know anybody who applied to MIT EA, so I have nothing to base my experience on…but I hate waiting. waiting before I knew they were in the mail was one thing…now, I know it’s out there, somewhere, just waiting to be put in my mail box…or maybe it was lost?! this waiting is not good for my state of mind…by the time I get an acceptance/deferral/rejection letter/tube, I will have gone crazy, so it won’t even matter! aggh!

  13. Jeff says:

    David, don’t be so gloomy. Stuff happens with the postal system. A few weeks ago, I got my report card from my school a day after they were mailed (a Saturday), and my brother’s didn’t arrive until the following Thursday. Both were right next to each other in the crate that went to the post office, and something just happened. If anything, the tube would take longer to mail than a perfectly normal sized letter. I happen to have received no word at all from MIT, so I’m diagnosing the issue another strange postal anomaly.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Well, I’m pretty much convinced that acceptances were fedexed or priority mailed or something like that…it seems like no one has gotten deferred/rejected. i’m guessing letters will come tomorrow or on thursday. thus, i await my deferral/rejection with much anticipation. even though i’m kinda ready to accept the decision (i’m actually not, i just like to tell myself i am to make me feel better, lol) it’s still a great, big sinking feeling. blaaah. but really, best of luck to all of you…hey, we’re all going through the same torturous waiting process! the anticipation is the worst, isn’t it? Just keep things in perspective, i guess…that’s what i’m trying to do. Eat lots of comfort food, play some computer games, and rest assured that everything will work out in the end even if they’re, like, sucky to the max right now.

  15. I live in Cleveland, OH. Haven’t gotten ANYTHING yet (Wow, this sounds vaguely familiar!)

  16. dan says:

    also, anybody who was rejected/deferred would probably not blurt it out on the web as much as someone accepted. that’s why it seems like nobody has been rejected or denied… I personally believe the mailing was done at random, and there is no connection between the dates of arrival and the decision.

    in other news, I haven’t received my decision yet, but I have only heard from one other person in eastern PA that got their decision. (tube)

  17. April says:

    i’m pretty much convinced too…oh well…i can wait 4 years til grad school…sorta

    doood…when i was writing my app essay i didn’t see the word limit at first..i was soo happy! i have a problem w/ writing too much so no limit made me happy…didn’t make sense…but hey..i was i wrote my essay which turned out to have 1500 wrds…and then i reread it and lo and behold..a 500 word limit! have you ever tried to cut out that many words?

    anyways…jeff, that’s great! maybe ther is hope for us! maybe…

  18. April says:

    wow..a lot of pple haven’t gotten anything…

  19. Joe says:

    I’ll probably have to wait until Friday to get my tube/deferral/denial envelope, or maybe even until Monday. Mail takes forever to get to Portugal…

  20. Kamran says:

    I tell you what, I’m expecting a letter, because I really think I won’t get in right away, I will either be deferred or denied (the former seems more of what will happen, though denial isn’t out of the question either).

    Whatever happens, that’s life and you gotta flow with it; no use crying about not getting into MIT; you can always apply later for grad.

  21. if deferred, are we allowed to have another interview?

  22. Insider says:

    I’m sure all the letters (acceptance, deferral, or rejection) are all sent the same time. One of my friends who got in had his tube postmarked Dec. 9 (the day when last of the decision letters are sent). So, if you have not received anything, it’s probably the postman’s fault.

  23. Laura says:

    I haven’t gotten anything and I’m from Minnesota. I like to think it’s because of the whether, and not other reasons…

    Congrats to all accepted!! Hopefully I’ll join the happy crowd!

  24. April says:

    soo true kamran…i just wish i could convince myself of that fact…

  25. Clark Poland says:

    Haven’t heard anything in the St. Louis region. CalTech beat MIT. That’s so shameful.

    I will continue to wait.

  26. Kristyn says:

    nothing yet…in a panick…my friends wonder when i’ll turn normal again.

  27. Kristyn says:

    nothing yet…in a panic…my friends wonder when i’ll turn normal again.

  28. Derek Lanuto says:

    Wow, still waiting like the rest, so acceptances are definately in tubes? From Orlando, Florida.

  29. ybai says:




    Another day of painful waiting,

    followed by deferral/rejection.

    Oh, the inhumanity!

    I don’t think I’m impatient…just worried beyond belief. Where is it?

  30. Tommy says:

    From MyMIT:

    “Freshman Admission Early Action Decision Letters will be mailed on or before Monday, December 12, 2005. Please note that we do not send admission decisions by email. Beginning Friday, December 16, we will give admission decisions over the telephone to applicants only; call 617-258-5515 on weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.”

    So if we don’t get it by Friday, we can call… but having someone tell me my decision over the phone kinda scares me.

    Ah well, good luck to you all, and may tubes grace all your mailboxes soon! :o)

  31. Tommy says:

    Sorry I broke the page with that huge link >_>

  32. molls says:

    Does it strike anyone else that the only people who have posted here (for deferred folks) are still awaiting a response (myself included)? I’d think that if ppl had rec’d a deferral, they might have posted here.

    So, I’m thinking that the tubes got “there” first.

    I’m not happy……

  33. Stephen says:

    Perhaps no one has posted that they were defered or rejected becuase if that happened I might not be one to rush to the website and post “guess who doesn’t want me at their college, you guys! ;]” I also would bet that the users of the forums on the whole are pretty strong applicants and are quite possibly more likely to be accepted, due to merit.

  34. yea i know a girl that lives in the same town as me and she got her tube on monday. i actually think that the tubes are just getting places faster than the rejection letters, since i havent heard of one person yet who’s gotten a rejection.

    is it wrong that im going on a field trip to new york city tomorrow and id rather stay home and stalk my mailman?

  35. Adam B. says:

    Four people from my school applied early, and none of us have gotten anything. However, someone a few minutes away got a tube on monday, so I have no idea if the post office in my area is awful or if we all got deferred/rejected. The anticipation is killing me, coming home twice to no tube and then realizing there was no letter either.

    I just need to know.

  36. Charles says:

    Nothing yet…still waiting. Duluth, ATL, GA

  37. People says:

    I agree with molls, I mean if I got deferred/rejected, I wouldn’t be so excited to rush out here and say to everyone, “guess who didn’t get in?” That same reason is probably why the only people who got the letter got accepted. (Face it, if you got a deferral/rejection letter, would you hurry to tell your friends that?)

  38. Anonymous says:

    Still, what a phenomenon it is that not one person has spoken up.

    good luck, everyone.

    -NC resident with no mail yet.

  39. Shahrukh says:

    All this reading has just made me even elss enthusiastic to receive my mail late…I just hope it was the storm that delayed the mail.

  40. Chris says:

    For those of you waiting frantically for your decision, hoping every minute of your day to get a letter, and to get it NOW, don’t worry and don’t waste your time with dread. My life became much calmer when my dad reminded me of something earlier. Just like a larger package is dropped off in a different place, it also TAKES LONGER TO ARRIVE. Don’t sweat it if it takes a while- all decisions have been sent. You will get it.

    Relax and enjoy your life.

  41. JLynn943 says:

    I’malso in eastern PA, and I also didn’t receive anything.

  42. another day with nothing………my parents are so ignored with me right now. oh weell, i want a letter any letter they can say a big NO. a least i know its over and i can move on but now i can’t cause no results

  43. Alexandre says:

    Everone is telling me to relax and enjoy, but all I can think about is the TUBE or the LETTER! It’s a nice thought, but I don’t see it happening.

    Also, most of the blogs have discussed the possibility that most of the tubes have already arrived, but they don’t seem to have been mailed priority, and (theoretically) should take longer to arrive.

    For those who are tracking the letters’ progress (like myself) I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh and haven’t heard anything.

  44. hey, all. one of my classmates just got accepted. they got their tube yesterday. the other four of us are still waiting to receive anything at all. it’s starting to really weigh on us. if anyone else gets anything, we’ll all know. my 9th period class is only 12 people. i want to get in, really, but i’m starting to just want the response to come. whatever it is. i’m still hopeful though, and absolutely ecstatic for the guy who was accepted. *shrug. and so reality sets in slowly…

    we shall see.

  45. ANNOYED says:

    Ok, SO I AM HANGING BY A THREAD RIGHT NOW! All I could think about during my tests and during lecture was…”Six..five..two hours left” So I rush home…and NOTHING… Then today I thought I’d get it for sure…so I do the same thing…can’t concentrate or even start on my other apps…and yet…NOTHING!

    Ok, So normally I am a patient person, but seriously…I think it’s unfair that some ppl got their decisions on Saturday while some of us have to hold our breath until…WEd? Thurs?…GOD NOT FRIDAY! Ok, So I am tired of waiting because I haven’t been able to do anything productive or concentrate in the past few days.

    I’m tired of this drama…walking out to the mailbox wondering what happened. It blows things out of proportion…I didn’t know college decisions were this painful. I just wish I knew when everyone else did.

  46. anon. says:

    Hey other MIT applicants who get denied/deferred, I have an equation for you

    (State school) = (more beer)x(bigger football)

    Just cushioning myself for the imminent fall.

    Florida, no mail

  47. Charles says:

    I go to Duluth High School, bout a 5-10 min. drive.

  48. Charles says:

    My only glimmer of hope is that Atlanta is a huge city and it must take a while to process all the mail that is being sent and that my decision is quitely laying in a bin somewhere on Boggs Road waiting to be delivered into my open arms. I’m so worried/nervous that it’s getting difficult to study for finals.

  49. Dan says:

    Still nothing near Albany, NY. Just waiting for my letter….

  50. April says:

    my guesses

    7 countries:

    USA, china, japan, india, england, canada, germany

    6 states:

    ND, NE, IO, NM, SD, MT, AK

    5 hrs…

  51. molls says:

    I posted this plea on Matt’s earlier post, so here goes again:


    If someone has received a letter (not a tube), PLEASE post that information here!

  52. Rose says:

    I’m not really bitter toward MIT, just the mail service. I just don’t want it to come across that way.

  53. Jonathan says:

    Ditto to Charles…I also live near Atlanta. I’m in Riverdale, a suburb on the south side near the airport. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything else except for finding out my admission status…

  54. Rose says:

    Oh, I had my school send a 1st quarter transcript instead of the “Mid-Year Report” Because they kept saying it was for Second quarter grades. I tried to tell them otherwise, but they didn’t listen.

    That wouldn’t make me one of the 131 deferred because of incomplete applications, right???

  55. Chris says:

    88% people… the truth is most of you (myself most likely included) will not get in. I’m not being pessimistic, it’s just how it works.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am still dying from anxiety here! But I’m not going to get overly-anxious over a (probable) rejection/defferal letter.

    Also: the mail will probably not deliver tubes faster than letters. It goes by region. All the lucky folks who have heard are from around the Boston area. I would expect people from that region to hear first, and then the rest of the letters/tubes will diffuse throughout the country. I’m sure the mail system is horribley busy in the northeast right now… so I woudln’t be surprised if it takes a week or so.

    … you still have a chance!

  56. dan says:

    JLynn943: let’s be friends! I live in eastern PA. Lehigh Valley area. how bout you?

    (oh by the way, no letter/tube yet)

  57. Anonymous says:

    Chances are that at least half of the people who got “the tube” would be announcing it on the various blogs. The fact that less than 100 people announced that thus far would mean that most of the tubes haven’t arrived yet.

    So dont worry

  58. Jason Murray says:


    Cool, I was hoping you went to Northview and that we didn’t know each other but oh well smile

    All we have to worry about before break are our admissions decision and finals.

  59. anger says:

    apparently there are no referrals… i’m looking forward to the rejection posts; i’ll be sure to be the first! smile i’m doing my best to stay positive, but this acceptance thing is taking over my life… and i have finals tomorrow through friday.

    and for katie and anyone else by LA, i’m in soCal and no letter. but someone in CA got the tube. hooray for the tube ppl.

  60. April says:

    why do people keep telling me not to worry???????????? it isn’t going to happen…im soo worried and it’s getting worse..if there isn’t anything in th email tomorrow i’ll..i’ll…i don’t know what i’ll do…

  61. stephanie says:

    my new motto: “IT’S NOT WHERE YOU GO, IT’S WHAT YOU DO.”

    for me personally, as much as i am dying to go to MIT, i’m also trying to keep things in perspective. i will make a difference in the world regardless of what college i go to, and all of you will too.

  62. Anonymous says:

    um, person who’s mayorly freaking out (i know, how specific…) April, you meant mail right? cause they don’t email the decisions, and besides, life will go on even if we’re all rejected. sad but true. cheer up. your friends and family won’t love you any less because you didn’t get into MIT, as awesome as it would be. and even though i don’t know you, what you said worried me. please take care of yourself.

  63. dj says:

    i hear that mid-west decisions are coming in right now; today. hope to see more acceptances!!

  64. stephanie says:


    i’m just feeling a lot of tension on this blog, that’s all.

  65. BT says:

    You mean “deferred is not rejection”, right?

  66. Anonymous says:

    frankly, the point that really summarizes it all is: life goes on. no matter what. cliche, but get over it. everyone’s totally allowed to feel angry or sad or whatever because of this, but your feelings are not all that you are. we are human, but we should try to make the best of our lives. wallow about this, but please, make yourselves happy some other way. there is so much to life that we haven’t experienced yet, and not being accepted by MIT won’t stop us. sorry, i’m starting to ramble…

  67. Anonymous says:

    Heck, I live close to Boston and the Caltech letter beat the MIT one, which I’m still waiting on…

    E-mail…friendly, fast and fun

  68. Anonymous says:

    congrats if you were accepted to caltech and you wanted to be.

  69. April says:

    i didn’t send any mid year report…my grades don’t come til mid january…does that coutn as incomplete????????

  70. Petey says:

    Same situation here: central Minnesota. good luck to all you guys, im starting to get nervous here

  71. Anonymous says:

    its not weird at all that there’s a lot of kids saying how they got the tube and that theres no one saying that they got the letter. what’s peculiar is how a bunch of us are saying how ‘oh i know four kids who got the tube etc etc’ but not one of us has said ‘oh i know someone who got a leter’. if you asked me id say that it doesnt take a four year old to realize that we’re all already rejected :o(

  72. madmatt says:

    Rose and April (what nice names!),

    No, the lack of a Midyear Grade Report would not make you “incomplete.” These are applications where, for example, we never received a Part II and teacher recommendations. We do not expect to receive Midyear Grade Reports until regular action. I hope that eases your anxiety a bit.

    — Matt

  73. Anonymous says:

    I agree. You’d figure that at least a single defered person would say something. Hell, there’s a whole bunch more of them there then there are accepted. Meanwhile, there’s numerous, numerous examples of acceptance letters out there.

    Something’s fishy, and coincidence/bad luck/whatever probably doesn’t explain it.

    Sure, some acceptances might still come. But it might by just a few combined with an enormous amount of defer/rejections.

  74. April says:

    yes! i meant mail..i just don’r type mail that i accidentally typed and “e” i am HORRIBLE at typing..and unless i have typed teh word before i have to actually think bout wut im doing

  75. April says:

    yeah…i think all that’s left are letters

  76. Anonymous says:

    Since early action has such a high yield, did MIT admit more URMs through early action because they wanted to meet a “quota”? I’m not saying anything against MIT admissions but I would just like to know whether this is a fact.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys– you know how no one’s been rejected yet?

    well, i didnt want to even look at the mit site after receieving my rejection letter today, but obviously some of you are freaking out way to much.

    yes, rejection letters were sent out, i got mine today. it wasn’t pleasant. but gl to all of you who still have hope.

    peace out.

    Posted by: George on December 12, 2005 09:32 PM”

  78. Zach says:

    My guesses:

    Unrepresented states:

    Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, South Dakota, Wyoming

    7 Countries:

    US, UK, China, India, Japan, Canada, Russia

    Three hours to go, hopefully. I really hope I don’t have to wait until Friday.

  79. madmatt says:


    We have no quotas.

    Also, I’d encourage folks to type *something* into the “Name” box, even if it isn’t your name… “Anonymous” just doesn’t seem cool. It’s not too hard to come up with some kind of handle.

    — Matt

  80. derek says:

    i’m from college station, tx (pop. < 100k)

    one of my friends got his tube today yet i (and the other early MIT app) have recieved nothing……….

  81. Gordon says:

    Hey guys and gals! Chill out! I have a son who is in your same predicament. He recieved his first acceptance to a Honors College yesterday. He allowed a very small smile. He, like you, is awaiting the tube or the letter. As a former pre-college student, who after several disappointments, found the school, found the teachers, found my vocation, got my advanced degree, have a successful career, get enlightenment daily, enjoy life consistently, encourage you to remember that where life takes you, it is almost always a suprise, better than what you deserve, but in the end what you need.

  82. Anonymous says:

    2AM…and I am already wondering if the letter will arrive today. I know seven people who have already received the tube. I don’t know anyone who has received the letter. Theoretically, the letter should arrive first. It’s not cool when that fact becomes a source of false hope. Good luck guys. =|

  83. Melodie says:


  84. Anonymous says:

    any news for west tennessee?

  85. Rose says:

    I have been sick the past week and I know this stress isn’t helping. WHY would the tubes get places faster!?

    I sincerely feel like I’m going to get a rejection/deferral today…And if not today, maybe tomorrow? Or the next day?

  86. Sam K says:

    Okay. To everyone who thinks there’s a conspiracy and that tubes were mailed first and we’re all going to die because we haven’t gotten anything yet:

    Ben said himself that everything was mailed with the SAME priority. Letters and tubes should both be arriving everywhere.

    The USPS is slow! This is a fact of life. I heard that because packages are sorted by hand and because everything is overloaded with holiday packages, tubes could take up to two WEEKS to arrive. Chill out, maybe you’ll get one today. Otherwise, wait until tomorrow or call on Friday.

    Whatever happens, everyone who applied EARLY to MI-frickin-T deserves a round of applause for doing so.

  87. Anonymous says:

    “representing 44 states and 7 foreign countries.”

    Who wants to play ‘guess the states?’

  88. Anonymous says:

    ^ lol isnt that olin?

  89. Sam says:

    For anyone that was wondering, the tubes were NOT FedExed – they were sent by USPS.

  90. Sirius says:

    Caltech beat MIT here too (but it’s SF).

    so what are the 6 states and 7 countries?

    Here are my guesses:

    England, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Australia…?

    ND, WV, ID, MT, SD, NB?

    GL to all

  91. Phil says:

    yea still nothing… i even called the postal service in vain. raspberry

    Tho i already know three people in my region that got in, and they were all really strong applicants… and the rest has still not heard.

    i jus hope that all 377 acceptances haven’t been received yet. :]

  92. People says:

    If you haven’t received anything, just keep waiting. All letters are sent on the same day so acceptance doesn’t necessarily arrive before deferral/rejection.

  93. James says:

    I am so happy to know that because of MIT’s forward thinking, I am very likely to have to endure 4 more months of waiting. I really hate social concern……sense the sarcasm?

    So…all decisions were sent at the same time with the same priority right? I live in Florida and have not recieved anything.

  94. Anonymous says:

    well guys, should i get a deferral/denial, i promise i will post it and be like, “gueesss who didn’t get in??” seriously..this is so inhumane. i think most of us who haven’t received anything will be deferred/denied, but…eh, i suppose there’s still a glimmer of hope.

  95. Jason Murray says:

    Charles, I live in Alpharetta and haven’t gotten anything yet either. What school do you go to? I got to Northview.

  96. OK, this post is making me feel so bad. u you realy think that if your haven’t got a letter yet? it over. this sucks waiting is the worst and hardest think to do. ican’t even track my mail man i mean i live in the heart of nyc. there is a new mailman everyday and i doubt if the mailman even cares.

  97. Sam says:

    What is completely not cool is the longer the wait, the greater the anticipation, the more exciting the result, the more depressing the fall. I’m not very optimistic at this point, but still cannot focus on anything except… “Maybe today?? Maybe tomorrow??”

    For those of you who are keeping tabs: nothing in Michigan, but i live in a small town, and mail is probably a few days behind… hopefully.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Is PR considered a country or a state?