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MIT student blogger Rachel D. '16

Exploring Boston by Rachel D. '16

Frozen yogurt quests into Boston

For the past few weeks, I’ve REALLY wanted to go to Red Mango.  I really like frozen yogurt, and at home the first nearby frozen yogurt place was Red Mango, so my friends and I would call going to get frozen yogurt going to get Red Mango.  Sadly, the closest Red Mango to MIT is kind of far away.  That is, it is about a mile and a half down Massachusetts Avenue (living in East Campus, the closest dorm to classes, we have a really bad sense of what is near and far from us).  But today is a beautiful day and the sun is shining, so I really REALLY wanted to go to Red Mango.

I begged and begged my boyfriend to come get Red Mango with me, but he fell asleep and said he had too much work to do.   Frozen yogurt is more important than work or sleep, but he doesn’t understand.

So I stormed off to Red Mango by myself, and I had a wonderful opportunity to explore Boston on this beautiful day. There were people running and biking and walking alongside me across the Harvard Bridge, the sailboats were gliding along the Charles River, and I got to go deeper into Boston along Massachusetts Avenue than I have for a while.

I saw some really pretty sights along the way.   There was the First Church of Christ Scientist and it looked like a huge capital building or something.   I also saw the Boston Symphony Orchestra Symphony Hall, which was also incredibly beautiful.  There is an orchestra playing pieces from Fantasia in early May at the hall and I definitely want to look into seeing that or another concert at some point during my time at MIT.

Anyways, the trip, although it started off sad and lonely, grew into an awesome journey through Boston and a look at some pretty sweet buildings.   Also, I got a really good strawberry banana smoothie, even if this Red Mango wasn’t nearly as nice as the ones back home (it wasn’t even self-serve =[ ).  And on the way home across the Bridge, my friend Emma S. ’16 ran into me (she was actually going for a run along the river when she saw me) and we got to catch up on things.

So all in all, it was a nice trip on a nice day.

On a rather unrelated note. I AM OFFICIALLY AN MIT TOUR GUIDE!! Now, when you come to take a tour of MIT, I might be giving it to you!! Come say hi!!


Stay happy :)


Here is a picture of a derpy cat to help with staying happy:

And here is a picture of a really mean cat:

The mean cat is really terrible and tries to pick on the other cats.  She is new.  She is very tiny, much smaller than the other cats.  Therefore, when she tries to pick on the other cats, she gets hurt.  She is not very smart.  She also meows ALL THE TIME.