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MIT student blogger Rachel D. '16

I Moved Off Campus by Rachel D. '16

A story told by cat gifs

Last year, I made a HUGE decision. I decided to move off of MIT’s campus.

You may be asking the big question – WHYYYYYYY?????

East Campus, for all it’s glory, is no longer my home.

Danny B. ’15 wrote about how it was his home.  I wrote plenty of times about how it was my home.  What changed?

Me. I changed.

Who was once a headstrong, ready-to-take-on-the-world prefrosh, is now a slightly jaded, very depressed upperclassmen.

It did not happen overnight, and it does not happen to everyone. I’d like to think I’m special, in a way. The kind of way where life threw a lot of terrible things at me, and the only way I could find myself reacting was by falling down.

And then picking myself up and moving forward one silly step at a time, with a lot of help and a lot of strength.

And one of those steps was moving off campus. And that is why I moved off campus for my senior year. It was the absolute correct decision for me. Now, my cat, Rory, and I live with the amazing Dan S. ’17 in a tiny three-and-a-half room apartment on the northern tip of Cambridge, not too far from MIT’s campus.

Dan and I listen to music, bake cookies, cook lots of foods, and have a fancy drink night. Things are pretty great. I was rather absent during IAP due to work, but I’m back, and we are going to have a great semester.