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MIT student blogger Kirsten L. '15

Exploring the Outdoors! by Kirsten L. '15

In Kresge that is...

At the end of fall semester, I look forward to one thing.
No, it’s not finals (Common, who enjoys those?).

It’s the 2.009 presentations!!!

2.009 is the Product Engineering Process class, usually taken by Mechanical Engineers during their senior year. In this class, students learn about the product design process (Ideate. Model. Test!) and then apply what they learn to create an alpha prototype for a new product! It’s an awesome hands-on class that gives students a taste of what it takes to develop products in the industry.

Every year, Professor David Wallace puts on this immensely grand show to showcase the 2.009 student’s products that they design over the course of the semester. It’s always amazing.

Here’s my photos from the presentation!
The live band that plays music during the presentations. They usually play songs that hint at what the next product might be.

Orange team prepares to present.

Ferno: a flat and portable camping stove

StormShield: A protective covering for bicyclists
(One thing I really think is cool about 2.009 are the little demo stations that they build! This one had water!)

Heatware: The flameless heating device

Sproutacus: A machine that allows farmers with smaller fields to more quickly harvest their plants

Clydesdale: A handtruck that would allow kegs to be more safely and easily transported down stairs
(I missed taking a photo of it going down the stairs… because I was too fascinated while watching it…)

SkyBeacon: A device that would allow for faster and easier rescue if a boat were to capsize

Herc: An automated garbage can cleaner, which will be used by MIT facilities after the presentation!

2.009 ends with a bang!

Now you may be wondering why I like the 2.009 presentations so much?
Well… this class is what made me decide to be Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering). The excitement that everyone has during their presentation is something that really is inspiring. Every year that I’ve watched the presentations, I’ve left reminding myself that I want to build all the things! It’s nice to remember that going into finals :)

Best of luck to all of you waiting on your decisions!
Remember that you are AMAZING and where you end up doesn’t affect that.