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MIT staff blogger Kellen M.

For the Love of Darties and ChemE by kellen manning

An audio journey

I believe the saying goes “everything was all good just two weeks ago.” Okay, it’s actually supposed to say “one week ago” but it definitely wasn’t good a week ago. Come to think of it, it wasn’t necessarily amazing two weeks ago either, but comparatively speaking, that’s how it feels. Now we live in whole new world where we are connected by…our…screens? Okay, Okay, I guess certain aspects aren’t that much different than how I was living before, but things are quite different though.

Speaking of two weeks ago, that’s when I sat down01 It feels like we did this a year ago... with two chemical engineering students and a chemical engineering professor in hopes of resurrecting the audio-thing series that Petey started in the blogger days of yore. I didn’t really have a topic in mind to guide the conversation, I just wanted to see what would happen if they started talking to each other. What followed was pretty interesting, we learned why they all chose ChemE, we learned all three live or lived in New House, and we learned the proper protocol for inviting faculty members to your darty.

Well, that’s it.02 I really need to get better at conclusions Asia ’21, Ashton ’20, and Dr. Kristala Prather ’94 can tell you the rest.

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