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MIT student blogger Cam T. '13

For Those About to Dew by Cam T. '13

(Also eligible for salutations: those currently rocking, those about to rock)

We salute you.

They say sometimes about MIT that of sleeping, studying, and socializing, you’re forced to choose two. Well, they’re almost right…
Some weeks you only get to choose one.

It’s a lifestyle not for everybody, certainly; at times rewarding, and at times quite painful.

Eight hours or so until I’m done with this unhealthy week.
My weapon of choice:

For the sake of not scaring my parents too much, let’s pretend that’s the first such item I’ve consumed today (yesterday, today, 24 hours, whatever).

Good luck, all, and remember: you’re almost there.

Here, have some 70s:

P.S., thank you Costas for the 15-213 wakeup call. Two’s complement & bitwise ops are a good way to wake up.

Oh, by the way: today I declare Course VI (EECS) as my major. :)

13 responses to “For Those About to Dew”

  1. Armin says:

    >that of sleeping, studying, and socializing, you’re forced to choose two….

    Can we choose one item twice? you know which…

    Nice Pixar lamp.

  2. Ammar says:

    Congratulations on choosing your major!
    So is it 6-1, 6-2, or 3?

  3. Josh '13 says:

    So I stayed up all night last night, and I’m staying up all night tonight, though I did get some sleep in the middle of the day yesterday…

    Yes, MIT is hard. But some of that is self-inflicted; most of us take harder courses than, strictly speaking, we have to. And when you get crazy things done against all odds, it’s kind of exhilarating. Intensity isn’t always a bad thing, especially when you’ve got the moral support of all your friends going through it at the same time.

    Even with weeks like this one, I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else for college.

  4. Cam says:

    @Josh: Yeah. I’ve been having a couple straight weeks like that. And with me considering too many classes next semester, it looks like I’m just a glutton for sleep deprivation…

    @Armin: Which? & thanks.

    @Ammar: 6-3 smile Thanks!

  5. Amethyst says:

    Wow :D Looks familiar…this past week being the end of the fifth six weeks for us, I got four hours of sleep on Wednesday and Thursday nights, prepping for Calculus and ten-kajillion-and-one other classes…probably will miss it come college time, lol!

  6. melano says:

    Cam, what do you know of this M.I.T “secret intelligence division”, some CIA-ish hacking/counter hacking intelligence team in a “covert war” against similar teams at caltech,harvard, etc?
    Lol sounds exactly like how I plan on spending my 4 years (when I’m not studying, of course)

  7. student '11 says:

    One thing I’m reasonanly certain is that any such organization group really doesn’t want any attention, and we’re not helping by giving out the name.

  8. HT says:

    Let’s not forget that the entire thing may be a caltech counter-intelligence strike.
    Though it’s unlikely that they’d open dicussion that would BOUND to result in discussion of caltechs network to.

  9. naren says:

    @cam:$for armin sleeping of course!!!

  10. nublet says:

    I think you may have gotten me hooked on ’70s music with that video…

  11. Cam says:

    @nublet: Most excellent. if you want some more smile

  12. nublet says:

    haha great, thanks ( :