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Cam T. '13

MIT student blogger Cam T. '13


Hey all,

My name's Cam, and sometimes I think that I'm the only one here who doesn't know
how to solve a Rubik's Cube (TM, or something)*. I'm too stubborn to look up
the solution, and too lazy to figure it out myself like I want to. I don't
know how that's relevant to my biography, but you can guess what's distracting
me as I write this.

(*I'm certainly not the only one here who's never solved that infernal puzzle,
but I believe it makes me part of a minority. Probably the only minority I'll
ever get to be part of, since I'm a white male from (what I consider to be) a
nice home. Ah well.)


Some more about me, though: I am a local, and proud of it. Born and raised in
Massachusetts, I (for better or for worse) am now living but 25 minutes from
home, and am living in an area I've known for a long time. As a freshman, this
has its advantages: I know the way to Shaw's, I know good restaurants in the
area, and I can cross Boston streets like nobody's business. However -- and
this is where I should probably throw out some kind of disclaimer (e.g. please
don't hurt me) -- I don't particularly like the Red Sox. No strong feelings, I
just don't care. I don't particularly like the Yankees, either; they seem
boring too. But don't try to drag me anywhere near Kenmore Square the night of
a Sox game.

Oh, and despite 18 years of Massachusetts weather, I still rarely find myself
with an umbrella when it rains (meaning, every other time I step outside), and
I still forget a jacket every time it decides to spontaneously get cold in

But, moving beyond all that: being a local has had some major advantages.
Massachusetts is a great state, and living here I've had some awesome
opportunities that I, in part, credit with landing me here. In my sophomore
year of high school, I joined MIT's FIRST robotics team (team #97 -- and if you haven't heard
of FIRST, you certainly will if you come here) with some friends... and, a segway, a go-kart, and a scooter (and a few jobs) later,
here I am.

In high school, I did Science Olympiad (winning a total of one (eighth place)
ribbon over three years, two of them as captain), track (XC, indoor -- 2 mile,
outdoor -- 1 mile, with times that were less than spectacular), FIRST robotics
(on team #2349, which I helped start after working on team #97), and other
various miscellany. I also used an excess of parenthetical asides (often
nested) in my writing, something I plan to continue here (unlike track).

In my free time here, so far, you will probably find me hanging around at East
Campus, possibly in class (where I'm supposed to be now, cough cough), crudely
zip-tying things together at MITERS, or cruising around on my recently-built

Oh, and I have a thing for 70s music.

Yep, that's me!

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