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MIT student blogger Snively '11

Friendship by Snively '11

Oh my dearest . . .

E-mail is pretty awesome. No joke, “Reply All” is like the greatest worst thing that’s ever been invented. Apart from starting outrageous flame wars and being used correctly, it’s also a great way to let somebody eavesdrop on a ridiculous conversation you’re having with a third party.

I’m not just saying this to say it, I’m saying it because I just had a little e-mail exchange that made me relatively happy (mostly because it’s distracting me from 2.004 studying).

Here’s how it started, with an e-mail to me and Elizabeth (one of my teammates for toy design last year) about presenting ElectroPlushies at an upcoming MIT Science and Engineering Business Club event. Our toy design professor, Barry, sent us this:

FROM: Barry

TO: Elizabeth, Michael

would you two be interested in presenting electroplushies at this SEBC event? they will be taking us for dinner after.
If this does sound interesting they will need a short bio



He attached the original e-mail from the SEBC:

At Entrepreneurs Showdown, we would like to ask you to showcase your past business plan to the students, pretending that they were the people whom you wanted to get funding from in the past. The idea is that through real life demonstration, students will have a better understanding of how entrepreneurs may get started with their business.

Here is a tentative schedule of the event:

Tuesday, March 31st 6-8pm @ MIT
6:00 Reception
6:30 Presentations. 10 mins per pitch. After every pitch 5 minutes questions by a panel of fellow entrepreneurs and a VC representative and the audience. The idea is to get all the entrepreneurs to present their pitch, and anyone who’s not presenting can question at the time can question the presenter.
7:30 Networking session
8:00 Dinner at a Local Restaurant with a selected group of students.

Let me know if you would be able to drop by!


I, for one, thought this sounded like a great idea. I reply-all’d to Barry and Elizabeth, and this is what happened.

FROM: Michael Snively

TO: Barry, Elizabeth

That sounds good to me! Here’s a quick bio:

Michael Snively is sophomore studying mechanical engineering with liberal quantities of video editing, blogging, and toy design. When not working on school work it’s reasonable to assume that he’s probably playing Rock Band, building something, or playing with toys. ElectroPlushies, his first push into the world of toy creation, are a new line of plush toys that seek to increase understanding of circuits among young children.

FROM: Elizabeth

TO: Barry, Michael

Yikes! This sounds really cool, but I’m far too busy to be doing this. However, I already have slides and a presentation to VCs from a class last semester, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to use them here. Snively, could we chat sometime after I get back tonight? I might be talked into it.


FROM: Michael Snively

TO: Elizabeth, Barry

Elizabeth, I always enjoy speaking with you. Your smooth, melodious voice reminds me of a calming stream trickling down a gently sloping hill in a meadow full of butterflies and bunnies. I await your response in eager anticipation.

Love, Michael

FROM: Barry

TO: Michael, Elizabeth



FROM: Elizabeth Page

TO: Michael, Barry

Dearest Snively,

I feel that your enjoyment of my smooth, melodious voice may be misguided (and a touch creepy). In fear of what awaits me, I’ll venture to your door tomorrow in hopes that you’ll be ready to talk about SEBC.


P.S. I hate butterflies, and especially bunnies.

FROM: Michael Snively

TO: Elizabeth, Barry

My darling Elizabeth,
If tomorrow is indeed the soonest I may enjoy your presence, then tomorrow it must be. I will wait with bated breath for your summons and eagerly await hanging on your every beautiful word.

Love, Michael

P.S. I hope you die in your sleep while having nightmares about the attached picture. : )

It reminds me a bit of the song “Friendship” from the musical “Anything Goes,” mixed with the up and coming classic “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”

Oh what our professor must think of us! Ok, back to 2.004. YAY POLE DIAGRAMS! AND DAMPING!

14 responses to “Friendship”

  1. Maria '13 says:

    Well at least you put a smiley face at the end of that postscript.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nowadays I can never tell when people are joking or actually hitting on each other.

  3. '12 says:

    i like myself a lot.

  4. Shreya says:

    “Nowadays I can never tell when people are joking or actually hitting on each other.”

    Amen to that.

  5. Mom out west says:

    Welcome back, Michael- nice to see you posting again.
    You should have put some cute fishing flies or nightcrawler worms in the image- otherwise, you should have waited with “bated” breath, not “baited”. Sorry to be so picky.

  6. Tommy ('13) says:

    Haha, I played Moonface Martin in my school’s production of Anything Goes two years ago. Listening to that brings back great memories; it was a great song to sing!

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Nowadays I can never tell when people are joking or actually hitting on each other.”

    Especially at MIT. lolz

  8. Rediet '13 says:

    Thanks Snively. It is nice to start my spring break with one of your blogs, honestly.

  9. Narce says:


    Wow. XD

  10. Hopeful '14 says:

    That postscript just made my day.

  11. comboy says:

    2:52 morning march 31, local time

    I just left bathroom. fixing the sound it was making for weeks. i left with a screwdriver.
    i can hear two sounds now. the clock ticking which i fixed last night (AAA battery while AA is proper- but i used a piece of metal to connect battery pole and get the clock to tick and wake me up in morning- that piece of metal comes from my laptop dvd-driver which i thought it was extra, now i can take out the whole dvd-driver box without having to take off the lower cover of my asus laptop)
    2nd sound is fridge, i defrost it a few days ago, it was very noisy and working on 7. iced meat and warm juice. now its engine is 2 and we have cold meat and cool juice.
    other sound is keyboard which i’m pressing its keys to type this message.

    this message is in snively blog, because i fold the first egg here (feb 14 – no one for valentine anyway). in a case of removal, it will be immediately diverted to Kim D blog without any change.

    9:30 this morning (7 hours later) i will go to artstudio to make clay slates. i’ve never fold any eggs in a flawless way before this February. i did it trvly for fun

  12. Anonymous says:

    You’re such a player =P

    Do people usually call you Michael or Snively?