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MIT student blogger Rachel D. '16

FUP!!! by Rachel D. '16

I spent my first official week at MIT as a FUPPER!!

My first week at MIT was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!  There was an extreme lack of sleep, but I met so many amazing people and did so many cool things that it was completely worth leaving home a week early.

I arrived at MIT a week early to participate in FUP, or the MIT Freshman Urban Program, which is one of MIT’s many pre-orientation programs.  FUP focuses on familiarization with MIT public service through participation in various community service events, while also allowing us to do all these awesome activities like go to a Red Sox game and explore Boston and eat Vermonsters at Ben & Jerry’s on Newbery Street.  One of my main concerns about going to MIT was that I wouldn’t have the time to do as much community service as I have always loved to do – and FUP definitely showed me that it’s possible to participate in community service at MIT.  One of the last days, the FUP counselors gave presentations about all the community service things that they do in Boston and Cambridge and all over the world.  My counselors are superheroes with all the cool things that they do, and I think it’s just so incredible how well they manage their time and put effort into making the world a better place to live in, even if they take ridiculously hard classes and have jobs and everything.  They really are amazing role models, and I’m so happy to have met them!

I never expected all us FUPpers and our counselors to grow so close.  Whenever I see a fellow FUPper around campus, we always wave at each other and get all happy and it’s amazing!  Even though we had some tough times:

(Neerja and I didn’t enjoy one of the activities that much at first)

We bonded like crazy and ended up having the best times of our lives :)

So FUP was tons of fun and one of the best experiences ever!! I love MIT for giving us opportunities like FUP and all these amazing public service programs, and I can’t wait to continue to do all of these cool programs!!