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MIT student blogger Mollie B. '06

Gimme a “C”! by Mollie B. '06

What a bunch of the cheerleaders are up to this summer. Hint: It's not sitting on the beach and drinking pina coladas -- well, at least not for the WHOLE summer.

Since you’re all probably sick of hearing about my summer, I emailed the cheerleading squad to see if I could get anybody else’s summer plans. Since nobody on the squad responds to emails, I got four five responses out of the ~20 cheerleaders on the squad. I think I’ll just list what everybody else is doing at the end. Talking about people behind their backs… that’s cheerleadery, isn’t it?

Jess ’08
Well– I’m in Italy studying architecture in the Veneto Area (around Venice)… mainly the work of Carlo Scarpa.
Favorite ice cream: Kiwi gelato (from Venice!!)
Major: Architecture and management science
What else are you doing this summer? I’ll be working for Lockheed Martin as an engineer and project planner when i get back (I know… doesn’t really fit with the major!) And when I get home I can’t wait to watch trashy VH1 countdowns and hear English all around me!!!

Jenn ’08
Major: Course 14 – Econ
Favorite ice cream: Oatmeal cookie
What are you doing this summer? Interning at JPMorgan in Investment Banking – Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

Where? NYC
Details: I get to work on a trading floor and met the CEO of JPM (Jamie Dimon) as well as other JPM execs.
Have you gone/will you go anywhere cool this summer? Going to Oregon for an outdoor-sy family vacation.
Anything else? I’ve run into a lot of MIT people in NYC and particularly in Banking/consulting. It’s also pretty cool, because everything seems pretty easy in comparison to late nights at MIT (except maybe waking up before 7am).

Chris ’09
[Ed. note: Yes, he is a boy. And he is a boy who gets to hang out with/touch 20 girls in short skirts on a regular basis, so he’s a smart boy, too.]
Major: 8 and 22
Favorite ice cream: Gingerbread
What are you doing this summer? Astrophysics UROP
Where? The Kavli Institute for Space Research in (Building 37)
Details: I’m working with a group that is involved in the physics behind a new radio telescope array that is to be built in the radio-quiet region of Mileura in western Australia. My group is focusing on detailed measurements of the magnetic field surrounding the dynamic solar corona.
Have you gone/will you go anywhere cool this summer? Well, I spent some time at home after finals, and before coming back, my friends and I drove down to Manchester, TN for Bonnaroo, a 4-day music & arts festival. Think Woodstock, all over again. As for the future, I’m sure some camping trips around the Great Northeast are in order. Anybody down?

Jiang Wei ’08
Major? Course 15 (finance concentration)
Favorite ice cream flavor? Plain sweet creamy French Vanilla
What are you doing this summer? Investment Strategies
Where? A private wealth management firm in Boston
Any amusing/noteworthy tidbits about your job? The people are all so dedicated, smart, and nice!
Going on any cool trips before school starts back up? I went to South Africa earily this summer to teach communication skills to mechanical engineering seniors at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Later this summer I will travel to Chicago and NYC!
…and really, anything else you feel like saying: I love reading, learning, and if you can’t tell, cleaning* and having fun.
*Note: Jiang Wei’s original picture has a vacuum to the left. And it’s super-sexy. Alas, I had to crop it out.

As for everybody else… I know Morgan ’09 has her own office for her UROP (I’m so jealous!). Aline ’08 is doing research in Wisconsin. I think Carly ’07 is doing research at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (she’s course 12 and course 5). Isa ’07 is doing a nuclear engineering internship in North Carolina (and living on the beach). Robin ’08 is doing an engineering internship in Vegas, and I think her cute football player boyfriend is there too. Jen ’06 started her MD/PhD program in Texas, and she and her boyfriend Joey ’06 moved into a cute little house and got a kitten. Michelle ’09 is doing a UROP here at MIT.

And that’s all I know (or can reasonably discover on Facebook)!

I’ll answer questions next time, I promise.

EDIT, 6/29
Shannon ’08
Major? Environmental Engineering (1-E)
Favorite ice cream flavor Moose Tracks =D [Ed. note: This is a rather amazing ice cream flavor.]
What are you doing this summer? UROP
Where? Parsons Lab, Bldg. 48
Noteworthy tidbits about your job? I’m working with hollow high density polyethylene spheres, molasses, and a vibrator. However, the greater scope of the research is carbon sequestration to mitigate anthropogenic climate change. I’d say that’s the sexy part. [Ed. note: So I guess you could say Shannon is using molasses to save the world, while Sam uses turkey carcasses. Sounds like Christmas dinner to me.]
Anything else exciting in your life? I’m co-teaching a cheerleading class at MIT through ESP this summer with Morgan ’09. I’m also working on my back handspring with guys from the MIT gymnastics team.

4 responses to “Gimme a “C”!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you know if Luis’ blog will be up soon? I saw he got a lot of spam but the idea of a bilingual blog was sooo interesting…

  2. Ashley says:

    Hi Mollie! I had a question for you about graduate studies and degrees, so hopefully you will know since you are going to grad school now. I was wondering, after you get your bachelor’s degree, are you required to get you master’s and then your PhD, or can you start working on your PhD right after getting you bachelor’s? I am interested in majoring in physics as an undergrad and I would eventually like to get my PhD in physics also, so I was just wondering if I would also need my masters in between those two. Thanks!

  3. Christina says:

    This blog makes me want to be a cheerleader — an urge I need to fight until at least soph year or whenever I can figure out if I’ll have enough time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey mollie!!! i love your blog smile anyways, im really interested in being a cheerleader this fall but i dont have any experience :( what should i do to prepare for the tryouts in the fall? thanks!