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MIT student blogger Jess K. '10

Glimpses of Haiti by Jess K. '10

Just a small fraction of the things I saw while in Port-Au-Prince.

6 responses to “Glimpses of Haiti”

  1. June says:

    i second that; a break from collins and corey, into reality

  2. Banerjee says:

    That’s so amazing! Awesome experience, I bet it is.

  3. Hania says:

    Amazing. Thank you for this post!

  4. Piper '12 says:

    Wow. Amazing entry, JKim.

  5. Wow. Simply amazing.
    Are trips like these (social service field trips, I mean) common at MIT?

  6. Amethyst says:

    OMG! I hadn’t realized it was quite that bad…other people should see these pictures. They’re so much more personal, and it really brings it home.