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MIT student blogger Abby H. '20

IAΠ by Abby H. '20

wherein another blogger deposits her January photos (but this time it's in late February)

For a good portion of my first ever IAP, I explored ancient sites in Greece with 19 other MIT students and a trio of professors from the MIT History Department and Concourse program. Here are some pictures I took.

Day 1: Acropolis









the distant blue is ocean but if they could put more cool buildings out there they probably would




not the stata ampitheater but close




a grand ol’ flag




better than the boston skyline from our side of the charles? you decide




actually my phone background




Cats on a Hot Tin(Metal) Roof


Day 2: The Agora and various areas in Athens


people added for size comparison



in case you were hungry for more columns




that thing on the hill looks familiar




I bought crepes near here!




somewhere between athens and delphi




an instagram pic that would definitely have some fake deep caption like “not all who wander are lost”




Day 3: Delphi


F  O  G (and also the rain threatened my camera so I didn’t take many pics here :/ )




Itea, home of great fish




Day 4: Olympia


I was actually surprised at how disassembled a lot of things were here




the og stadium




a sampling of horses and other quadrupeds (note: these were in every museum. I took pictures of them but thought posting them all would be annoying. take my word for it.)




Day 5: Epidaurus and Nafplio





this was in nafplio and I just thought it looked pretty so enjoy




a view from palamidi








the great wall of nauplion








did my photography skills glo up or did I just get a new phone




MIT kids spotted in an unnatural habitat




get u a peninsula that can do both




this one is scratch and sniff




Day 6: Mycenae and Corinth


scary lions over the entrance




could you imagine maintaining an orchard with walking distance of mycenae




more spooky fog




sadly no “apostle paul was here” graffiti in corinth




wow I can’t believe those columns are holding up clouds




Day 7: Athens (once more)


fortunately there was panathinaikos graffiti in athens




a sentimental view from the roof of a hotel prior to departure