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Abby H. '20

MIT student blogger Abby H. '20


I’m Abby, and I’m not as cool in person.

I come from kudzu-covered Birmingham, Alabama, and I’ve got some adjusting to do.

My interests include watching the same movies over and over, texting back too late, being uncomfortable, wearing jackets when it isn’t cold, looking angry, chewing gum, self-deprecation, cancelling plans, showing up when I wasn't invited, long walks on the beach, the word “aesthetic,” dad music, post-ironic memes, eating things of little nutritional value, and chillin.

The magic of the Internet can bring your words to my inbox (askabby [at] mit [dot] edu) in a matter of seconds, so if you have any questions, compliments, bad jokes, legitimate concerns, dinner reservations for two, critiques, or just want to wish me a happy birthday (December 3 FYI) go ahead and do it.

Thanks for being my audience.