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MIT student blogger Paul B. '11

Hack or Treat by Paul B. '11

A time for tricks.

To celebrate the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve, MIT hackers left a special treat (or perhaps a trick) near the Great Dome.

I saw the hack this morning on my way to class and it absolutely made my day – although, sadly, it had made like a ghost and vanished by early afternoon.

Elsewhere on campus, the Halloween fervor was in full swing as students (and administrators) dressed up. Walking around campus, I spotted a member of the USS Enterprise, Dr. Horrible, Captain Hammer, a lambda function, some nuns, Hugh Hefner, Sarah Palin, two girls dressed as DNA, the Seven Deadly Sins, the Fanta Girls, Grimmjow from the Bleach manga, a butterfly, that and more.

For my own part, I dressed up as an absolutely ridiculous Renaissance duke, complete with the long coat and feathered cap – I will post some photos later.

Happy Halloween, everybody! And good luck finishing up your applications.

22 responses to “Hack or Treat”

  1. Vivi says:

    Did you miss the girl dressed as the coordinate system? She had a hat with i, j, and k arrows on it. Completely made my day.

  2. e^(pi*i) says:

    Absolutely NO ONE understood that I was a fission reaction today. Seriously. I thought there would be more nerds at my HS.

    @Paul B.- which USS Enterprise? TOS pwns them all.

    @vivi- LOL! I was actually thinking of something like that but with x, y, and i.

  3. I am rather disappointed that you do not have a picture of the lambda function. I am curious as to what the costume was.

  4. Eric Carlson says:

    Um…you might want to check your image, it doesn’t seem to want to load.

    Oh, and dressed up as an accurate Frankenstein’s monster.

  5. harrison says:

    I’m fairly sure there were at least two distinct Dr. Horribles, both of whom apparently challenged Captain Hammer to a showdown. So go figure, eh?

    (Also: Captain Hammer pulls off a mean Johnny Snow. That’s something you learn when you challenge him to an ultimate showdown.)

  6. Bridger says:

    I dressed up as Dr. Horrible too! Only about four people recognized me though…

  7. Wiki Wiki says:


  8. Banerjee says:

    This is kind of irrelevant, but does MIT have a Mid-Term Break?

    Just curious :-]

  9. DNA costume? That’s excellent! Do you have pictures of that?

  10. Paul says:

    @Eric: Thanks, image fixed.

    Fun fact: if you put https:// in front of a URL instead of http://, people without MIT certificates (e.g prospective students) can’t access the URL. That was the problem here – woops!

  11. Vivi '12 says:

    We don’t have a Mid-term Break (if you’re referring to our equivalent to a “fall break” at other places like Princeton). We get “Suicide Prevention Days” every month, which are basically three-day weekends. It’s nice to get a day off, but it also means that the following week of classes is cut short, so if you slack off and procrastinate too much you’ll find that you have one day less to get those p-sets done..!

  12. Susan '11 says:

    I also saw Dumbledore, Scooby Doo, a cyborg, a cat, and WALL-E.

    Possibly my favorite was the Mad Hatter from the upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie, both because the costume was *amazing* and because I knew the answer to his question: “How is a raven like a writing desk?”

  13. Wendy ('13?) says:

    Wait… How did someone dress up as a lamda function?

  14. i am twelfth says:

    hey, happy halloween!

  15. Ehsan says:

    I think trick or hack would’ve been better

  16. June says:

    “two girls dressed as DNA”


  17. Nicole '10 says:

    Oooh, who went as the lambda function? What did that look like? My bf and I were planning to go as the Pimping Lemma (a play on the Pumping Lemma and also an awesome song: and Hoare Logic… but had to turn to a backup plan for lack of a proper pimp hat. So instead, I’m a lolcat and he’s putting on his robe and wizard hat! ^_^

  18. Ann says:

    My friend and I spent all day explaining our Schrodinger’s Cat costumes – she was alive and I was dead grin
    You’d think more people would know something about quantum physics…

  19. MTLin says:

    You’re with Captain Hammer, and these :fist wave: are not the Hammer.


  20. Chris O says:

    Ha! the fanta girls I havent heard from them in a while :D

  21. Daniel '12 says:

    Hm… for some reason, most of the costumes I saw on campus this Halloween seemed to have a Final Fantasy theme going raspberry