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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

Happy Holidays! by Ben Jones

Pictures from our recent holiday party.

Happy holidays from the admissions office!

I’ll be leaving in a bit for a week of vacation (YES!) – back on January 2. I hope you all have wonderful holiday vacations, and here’s to a great 2007!

I’ll leave you with some pictures from the MIT Admissions Holiday Party, which we held at LImelight.

(I challenge any other admissions office to a Karaoke competition. We’ll win. Really.)


Michelle gets soulful.

Matt demonstrates the GROOVE.

Jenny & Marilee perform a duet.

Corinne belts it out.

The requisite embarassing picture of yours truly.

Marisa is so smooth.

Ellen rocks!

Rick can sing his butt off. (Just ask us about More Than Words… :-)

Vicki can sing almost as well as Rick. :-)

Stu and Matt get into it.

Stu and Matt really get into it.

Stu hams it up.

Rick and Stu sing harmony for Marilee.

Marisa and Jenny are the best dancers ever.

Me with Stu – can’t remember what song this was though.

30 responses to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. wahaj says:

    keep rocking guyzzz!!!!!!!!!

  2. ICE says:

    Happy holidays~ But I still need work >_Happy holidays~ But I still need work >_<

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I hope I get in, because it would be really hard to hate you guys smile


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ben, I am the next Einstein AND I can karoake She Blinded Me With Science like Wham meets Devo – can I come to The MIT?

  6. Christina says:

    THESE ARE SO AWESOME. Matt demonstrating THE GROOVE is my favorite. grin

  7. Sahil says:

    Ben, I luvvvvv ur shirt! Is it available at the COOP?!

  8. anonymous says:

    What in the world?!?! Did they stuff you guys in a closet?! All I see are doors! I would be so claustrophobic…get me out of here! = )

    But the photos are fantastic! I’m sure the music was too.

    But,hello? (knock knock)

    What about the “honorary admissions folk” like Keri, Jess, Bryan, Lulu, Melissa, Anthony, Laura, and so on…you know the MIT students who blog in here too. They are the “ones”, in my opinion, that clinched my decision of why I wanted to go to MIT. It’s the people who make a place great, and those students, make this web page great, of course, along with the regular admissions people. (just a thought, too late now to invite them, but for the next time, invite the student bloggers! = )

  9. I forgot, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

  10. Yuri says:

    AWESOME. That looks like so much fun.
    Happy Holidays!!

  11. Karin says:

    I concur with Elizabeth.
    Happy Holidays! Enjoy the rest!

  12. Arkajit says:

    Nice! Those are great pictures. Happy Holidays and a happy new year!

  13. Laura says:



  14. Omar '10 says:

    Haha, this is awesome! It’s nice to see you guys having a good time smile

    Anyways… have fun during winter break! I’ll be eating some Puerto Rican food after 6 months!!! smile

  15. Anthony says:

    but unlike the student bloggers, Ben’s actually a rockstar – honest smile

  16. turnef says:

    Now I would call that “work hard, ‘play’ hard”.

  17. hey ben,
    happy holidays!
    i had a few questions regarding the application process.
    1. i will be taking part in the maths and informatics Olympiads next year(my final year – grade 12). in case i do qualify, i will be notified only after the final date of application has passed( 1st January). so will there be any way of letting u folks know of the results so that it would help my application?
    2. if i have a rock band does that count?
    3. i have made hundreds of websites and have been working as a freelance web designer for a number of years now ( designed some websites for a couple of big clients too).Does MIT look at that?
    4. are my achievements before high school considered?

    basically what I’ve done includes web designing, digital imaging, programming, quizzing, SAT 2300, Olympiads, done 2 research based projects, president of the computer club, rock band, drama and some basketball. the problem is, does MIT look at all these achievements in a sense that it doesn’t promote one single interest?(jack of all arts master of none, u know what i mean). also, this has in a way affected my studies so my grades of 9th and 11th grade have gone down( in the middle of the class at the moment, though my school is one of the most competitive in my country). if i work sufficiently hard in grade 12 does that improve my chances of getting into MIT or some other ivy league school?

  18. Larisa says:

    wow ben you are so rock n’ roll
    is that your wedding ring tattooed on?
    that is so cool.

    also: I agree with your “sigh” about the ny mag. article.
    don’t you see why I have to get out of this area! people are nuts!

    and not in a crazy karaoke cool kind of way.

    one more day of school. thank you baby jesus.

  19. Sarab says:

    Nice shots. you really need to remove the red eyes!

  20. Merry Christman and A HAPPY NEW Year!!!!!!!!

    From Botswana!

    Ankit Chandra
    Gaborone, Botswana

  21. Anon says:

    I like the red eyes. Reflects the satanic nature of MIT admissions rather well, don’t you think?

  22. At first glance I saw in MIT a place where my sense of innovation would thrive. I have now solidified this view, and can add to it a singular expression: MIT = Home

    Happy Holidays!
    Rich (prospective student)

  23. Jess says:


  24. Esther L says:

    Happy Holidays to All!

    Thanks for the snowflakes card with all the admissions staff signatures. It must have taken a lot of smiles to sign your name 390 times! I am touched. Thanks again!

  25. theresa says:

    were you guys using the “magic mike” (the type of karaoke that grades you?”)
    if so, there’s a voice-over function on the mike that makes it sound like the singer just inhaled a lot of helium. …
    just for future reference… smile
    happy holidays and new year!! smile

  26. Ebihara says:

    Wow I’m the queen of Karaoke!!!!

    One question: I took Ap Physics C Mechanics/E/M, Chemistry and Calculus BC in May and scored 5s on all of them; but then I scored a 2 on Ap Psych. ( I’ve ordered the rescoring service and was told that i probably skipped one question and screwed up the order). Is my chance of getting in diminished because of that 2? (i guess you will probably say no but just making sure)

    Will anybody think that I’m “stupid” to major in Philosophy/Linguistics? (CUZ lots of my teachers did…- -but i know phil. well enough to make the decision) OMG all the people around me are trying to stop me from majoring in Philosophy!! ( if you see their reaction, you will be as frustrated as I am).

  27. nghi says:

    oh my cher, the first picture of matt made my day. thanks ben.

  28. Maria says:

    Hi! This post is related to your television show post. I have a solution to your television dillema! If you have a dvd recorder (or if you don’t, you can give one to yourself for Christmas), then you’ll be able to record all your programs and burn them out to dvd and save them for the summer. This way you’ll have something good to watch year-round. Eureka! Sorry that you’ve probably had to miss out on some good shows this past month, but better late than never I suppose. Happy Holidays!

  29. Jawwad says:

    happy hollidays ben!!!!

    none for me btw, left applications too late…
    anyway, i had some supplementary materials to send, but i am away from home right now…can the things be sent in late January??

  30. Guyomar says:

    Looks like everyone’s having a good time. Excellent. Life should be enjoyable.