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MIT student blogger Snively '11

Hits from the ‘90s by Snively '11

♪ Why can't we be friends? ♫

I, like most college students, have a Facebook account. Actually, for that matter, I have an account for just about everything, but by no means use all of them. They’re just good to have in case of an emergency. That’s right, I have a Twitter account, but I DON’T USE IT, SO STOP FOLLOWING ME! Honestly, I’m amazed, I have tweeted exactly 10 times in over a year and I have 30 followers. I’m not that interesting, honestly, and I don’t use twitter.

Facebook, I do use, as many of you have discovered. I get about 2-3 friend requests per week from prefrosh. To this date, I have accepted absolutely zero of them. Shock, I know, one of the faces of the MIT Admissions office turning away potential applicants, shutting the door in their face and potentially prompting them to not apply to MIT.

The truth of the matter is, if I haven’t met you, I’m not your friend. I don’t want you seeing all of my friends, I don’t want you being able to see lots of pictures of me, I don’t want you knowing where I live, what my phone number is, where I’ve worked, what my relationship status, and other little details of my life. I’ll tell you things I want you to know in my blog, but other than that, I’m sorry I won’t be able to accept your friend requests.

If you attend MIT, I meet you, and we are friends, we can be friends on Facebook, but otherwise, unless I’ve met you and we are friends, we will not be Facebook friends. I consider Facebook friends real friends, not just a list of the people I know.

Sorry for being blunt, I don’t really see the need to sugar-coat any of this. If this is your first time to the blogs, I’m sorry, I hope this doesn’t create a negative first impression, I’m just trying to protect my privacy. People can be pretty straightforward when it comes to privacy.

But, since many of you will never be my friend on Facebook, and there’s obviously some desire to be so, based on the constant friend requests, I will share my Facebook profile with you as it stands today. It will be a snapshot of me that you can see. Pick apart my life the best you can from this, it’ll probably be the last time you see it (unless you get accepted to MIT and we become friends).

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Main Profile

24 responses to “Hits from the ‘90s”

  1. Rob says:

    I wish I had 241 real friends :(

  2. Anonymous says:

    It seems that your profile is public, just so you know. (Maybe it’s just open to the MIT network – but in any case, you should fix it if that’s not the way you want it.)

  3. Aussie accent!! smile I’m Australian.

  4. Mom out west says:

    Too weird- the timing- Facebook suggested you yesterday as a friend- I thought it was being creepy until my kid reminded me that when I accessed my e-mail list to find friends who were on FB, it must have found your e-mail from the one time my then-prefrosh offspring e-mailed you. It is stalkerish in the worst way, and I agree with your criteria for friending someone on FB.

  5. Dillon says:

    *raises hand*

    I won’t be there for a few years though =P I’m finishing an undergraduate in physics here in Canada. If LOLrioKart is still around when I get there I’m in for sure though, that could be insanely amusing.

  6. June says:

    Split infinitives: To use or not to use?

  7. Anon says:

    Ok… creepy facebook stalker blog…

  8. Anonymous says:

    @ ROb
    That’s so true.

  9. Reece says:

    No offence Michael, but you seem very egotistical. Really, you think you’re that fabulous because you have so many friend requests and “followers”? I mean, I get the fact that you don’t want strangers finding out too much about you. But when I get friend requests from people who look up to me (even when I don’t know them), I think it’s very sweet. All I’m saying is to just be nice to those who are nice to you.

  10. chARLes says:

    prefrosh who think my idea is good, raise your hand.

  11. *Raises hand.*

    Hmmm, that reminds me of a delightful game I played as a child: crack the whip.

  12. Yan says:

    Dang, you tricked me into reading your facebook in more detail than I ever would have on facebook.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @ Reece
    I don’t think he’s trying to be mean or anything. Just like what he said, people can be pretty straightforward when it comes to privacy.

    But you have some good points too. I also think it’s something to be happy about.

  14. HEY, Snively do you have a myspace account?

  15. Dang says:

    No lie I thought this blog was going to be about MJ’s passing. You got me

  16. elizabeth says:

    yeah, this entry is overly self-important.

  17. JB '13 says:

    @ Snively: I agree that Facebook friends shouldn’t be people you don’t know. Too many bots and such. Same goes for Twitter; I block anyone who follows me whom I don’t know.

    @ Charles: Will this tram making its appearance at next CPW or at Orientation? (and I will definitely be at that Legends of the Hidden Temple party come hell or high water.)

    Lastly @ June: Shouldn’t it be “Split infinitives: To use or to not use?”

  18. Shiv says:

    @ Ehsan: chill dude… wassup with the ‘hypocrite’?

    @Yan: totally agreed… i don’t think i’ve ever read anyones whole wall before this!!!

    You trickster!!! :p

  19. Foxxy Mamma says:

    @ Ehsan

    Dude, take a chill pill, or a laxative, depending on what your problem is.

    @ Reece

    I completley agree with you. Since I am a foxxy mamma, i get alot of friend requests, and I feel it is very nice. Maybe Snivley is just depressed because he’s not a foxxy mamma.

    And yeah, I spell it with two “x’s”

  20. Ehsan says:

    Your a hypocrite… A super awesome predictable hypocrite.

    And I will one day have full access to your facebook profile. Mark my words.

  21. Ehsan says:

    Sorry, just a little ticked of that he didn’t update his personal blog in 3 months.

  22. Hey, does anyone want to tell me what the YouTube video that the ‘can’t’ leads to is? It’s not available here due to copyright restrictions.

  23. Snively says:

    It’s the Smash Mouth cover of “Why can’t we be friends.”

  24. Emily '13 says:

    Snively, I think you should make a celebrity page for yourself so people can become a fan of you instead of a friend. :-D