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MIT student blogger Fiona M. '20

how (not?) to concentrate by Fiona M. '20

a quick guide

  1. Try to concentrate on assignment
  2. Fail
  3. Browse memes
  4. Try to concentrate on assignment again.
  5. Fail
  6. Browse memes
  7. Get hungry
  8. Eat all food; order more
  9. Wait for more food to come; browse memes
  10. They forgot the breadsticks; call back
  11. Eat food
  12. Wait for breadsticks; try to concentrate on assignment.
  13. Fail
  14. It is 2:34 am
  15. Eat breadsticks
  16. Try to concentrate; fail
  17. Google how to concentrate
  18. Wikihow how to concentrate
  19. Yahoo Answers how to concentrate
  20. Bing how to concentrate
  21. You are the most knowledgeable in the art of concentration
  22. Write blog post on how to concentrate
  23. Try to concentrate
  24. Fail
  25. Change name of blog post to how not to concentrate
  26. Revert to browsing memes
  27. Recall this assignment is worth 20% of your grade
  28. Panic
  29. You are a freshman this is literally nothing compared to the doom you face
  30. Cry or groan (choose one)
  31. Eat sour candy
  32. Decide to power through
  33. Change name of blog post to how (not?) to concentrate
  34. ????
  35. Profit