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MIT student blogger Connie H. '15

How to MC Hammer by Connie H. '15

AKA embarrassing yourself for charity

The Class of 2015 list of 101 things to do before you graduate has challenges of varying degrees–I can proudly say I’ve already seen a concert in Boston (#37), but I have yet to earn my pirate’s license (#64).

I recently got to knock off a task that is surprisingly easy to finish at MIT–participating in a charity event. I got to display the full range of my talents (or lack thereof) and learn more about the sisters in my sorority while smanging it. Hard.

Last weekend two sororities, Sigma Kappa and Kappa Alpha Theta held their signature philanthropy events and I was lucky enough to participate in both in very different ways…

SK Late Night

Sigma Kappa’s variety show benefits Sigma Kappa Foundation, which is the 2nd largest contributor to Alzheimer’s Disease research in the US. With a Glee themed event, there was little opportunity to go wrong–until I had to dance.

I cannot dance.

And there is video evidence.

Fortunately, the entire show was a success as break dancers, soloists and pledge classes showed just how talented and creative MIT students are while the SK sisters rocked the stage between acts.


Kappa Alpha Theta’s annual charity fashion show supports CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and features designs from Marc Jacobs, Free People, 344, LF, Britt Ryan, RompApparel, and Ministry of Supply. The entire event was a logistics challenge, but we pulled through and with enough hairspray, eyeliner and attitude, MIT students worked it on the runway:

Freshman Nicole Pan in RompApparelStudent designer Gihan Amarasiriwardena (left) and freshman Austin Gromatzky (right) in Gihan's line, Ministry of Supply.Junior and student designer Eddie Obropta in his own line, RompApparelThe MIT Logs performing at KATwalk!MIT Ridonkulous dominating the runway!

With a team of over a hundred Theta sisters and the help of local sponsors and MIT’s hottest performers, KATwalk was another huge success and an easy way to get involved in charity at MIT.

Take that, #39. :)

Let me say it’s very different being an act and managing one — but after a crazy weekend, I only have huge respect for both sides and even more respect for everyone who put in so much work to make the events run as smoothly as they did. But if anything, my favorite takeaway has been learning how to touch (or not touch) this, a la MC Hammer, as promised:

1) pitter patter
2) wave your knees in and out
3) roll your shoulders
4) touch yourself

“But I feel awkward–”

“You’re doing it right.”

2 responses to “How to MC Hammer”

  1. Siddhant says:

    damn koooooool man damn koooool

  2. Quynh says:

    “But I feel awkward…You’re doing it right.”

    Best line ever. Oh and Sammy’s “convex…concave.”