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MIT student blogger Mollie B. '06

Well, it’s pouring rain outside, and I managed to get myself up at 8:30 as usual for my 9:30 Tuesday/Thursday class, 9.15 (biochemistry and pharmacology of synaptic transmission).

But I got outside and the wind was blowing so hard that my new umbrella broke in 30 seconds, and then I was running horribly late because I decided it was too windy to ride my bike, and I got soaked from the knees down in the torrential rain. And then I got to the classroom and discovered that class had been cancelled for the day and I had forgotten to check the schedule.

Way to go, Mollie.

So instead I came to Athena and worked on my application to UC Berkeley’s Molecular and Cellular Biology PhD program. So I guess it wasn’t a total waste, even if I am still soaking wet. But applications still make me nervous, and so I’m sitting here in the cluster trying to figure out the difference between “upper division GPA” and “junior/senior GPA” and if I need to even write either one of these because I have no idea if my “department requires this information”.

A Few Answers to Questions:
1. There were a few comments about messy kitchens. Ahem, my personal opinion (as someone who perhaps is one of the kitchen slobs) is that if you want something clean, you’re gonna have to clean it yourself. I occasionally go on frantic cleaning sprees in my suite kitchen (usually when I’m stressed out about something) and do everybody’s dishes and scour the kitchen from top to bottom. Now, if everybody did that every once in a while, wouldn’t the world (and the kitchen) be a better place? Unfortunately, other people don’t agree with me (and it’s easier to clean a suite kitchen shared by 6 people than a floor kitchen shared by many more than that, I do realize).
2. Diana asked how my mom liked 5.60. Actually, she read Redbook and Women’s Health Weekly (or something like that, you know the genre) the entire time. I was kind of disappointed, because here I was sitting there all studious with my mom, and she’s the one flipping through magazines to look at the pictures…
3. Don’t get scurvy! It’s not a good idea.

Ack, late for 21A.100…

One response to “I am dumb”

  1. I sat through Sadoway’s Friday 3.091 lecture with my son during Family Weekend, and I actually understood what he said! (For some value of “understood”…) I was rather proud of myself, really. I was thinking about taking notes, and then I realized that my son was taking his own (duh), and there wasn’t any real reason to take notes, but sitting in a classroom with a professor lecturing and having the lightbulbs go off in my head, I just wanted to TAKE NOTES, DARN IT! smile When I got home, I explained the lecture to my HS junior son, and I think I did a good enough job that even *he* understood it! Yay for classes during Family Weekend!