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MIT student blogger Rachel F. '12

I’m so ill. by Rachel F. '12

like, in the bad way

Jeff: you mean
da BAAAAD way?
lyk, gurl you so bad
me: no.
Jeff: oh.
so you’re diseased.

Being sick at MIT is no fun. Along with the obvious drawbacks of being sick, it’s impossible to catch up during the semester once you fall behind, so just don’t do it. Ever. Really. Keep yourself healthy.

Take this advice from a hypocrite. At the end of freshman year, I somehow managed to come down with a strain of the flu that left me unable to do much more than mumble incoherently, sleep, and chug liters of water — for the entirety of finals week. S^3, which is really such an incredible resource that I’m always surprised we even have it, helped me move one of my finals to the end of the summer. It was no fun to look forward to, but I passed.

But I’ve had the incredible good fortune this time to get sick not only at the beginning of the semester, but at the most convenient possible time. Parents, I know you’re thinking, “Are you crazy? There’s no good time to get sick!” But there really is. Allow me to explain.

Immediately after turning in my 6.170 pset on Sunday night (who decides to set due dates on Sunday night??), I started coughing and feeling woozy, and fell asleep for about 14 hours. Upon waking, I began to sacrificially prepare myself for a massive MATLAB lab and a massiver algorithms pset. Then, I remembered that computer graphics only has a lab due every other week, and that it was not this week, and checked my email to find that the due date for the algorithms pset, by a ridiculous stroke of luck, had been moved from Wednesday to Friday.

So all I really have to do this week is nurse myself back to a coherent enough state to finish my algorithms pset by Friday. Also, I have to listen to some blues for jazz history. Which, let’s be honest, I probably would have done anyways, class or no class. Now, you understand what I mean by convenience; this is the best sick week ever only vacuously, by truth of it being the least terrible sick week ever.

Tonight, I made myself a big pot of soup, and a tiny pot of tea.

Multivitamins and cough drops, courtesy of my mom and GRT, respectively.


And sleep. Good night!

11 responses to “I’m so ill.”

  1. I hope my sister doesn’t find out that I can take the cat to MIT…
    You take great photos, I love the one with the cat, and the soup seem really god.

  2. valart says:

    Get well soon! smile The soup looks awesome.

  3. Clarissa Towle says:

    I just found out today that you can have cats in the dorms =) Reese is adorable! Seriously considering getting a cat. Or kidnapping one of my family’s cats.

    I hope you feel better soon! (also: I love your camera. that soup is making me hungry).

  4. kevin says:

    Is it just me or did you take those pictures with an SLR?

  5. Daniel Greenidge says:

    @Kevin: Looking at the exif data, it was a Nikon D40, presumably with a nice piece of glass on the front (definitely not the kit lens). The 18-55mm lens which comes with the camera can’t hit the aperture at which the photos were taken, f/1.4 (this accounts for the shallow depth of field).

  6. rfong'12 says:

    emad: too tired for alt text :O

    camera inquirers: yeah i shoot primarily with a sigma 30mm f/1.4. it is a surprisingly quality piece of third-party glass. awesome deal.

  7. Emad T. '14 says:

    Cough drops up the heezy in yo’ wheezy gullet. Doctor (Dre)’s orders.

    Also, if you’ve got a sore throat, orange juice hurts like nothing else, but eventually helps. But I guess I’m part masochistic so you shouldn’t take my advice on that. Godspeed on the recovery!

  8. Emad T. '14 says:

    ps: Where did your alt-text go? :o

  9. Joy Y. says:

    awww,, your cat is sooo cute! Nice picture~ hope you get well soon!

  10. Vaibhav says:

    Talk about timing…I’m probably just as sick right now – and the start of weekly tests and quizzes for the semester doesnt help! (apart from making me more worried -_- )
    Though I am listening to Blues/Jazz and working away a bit.
    Get well soon! smile