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Jebby Awards 2024: See All the Winners Here by Jenny B. '25

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the jebbies

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Every year, a group of so-called important people in the show business pass out little men and women to those who they think did a good job at making movies and TV shows in the year before. I decided to do the same thing for all the movies/shows I’ve watched in 2023.


Favorite Movie That I Saw for the First Time

This Guy Joined a Band in College, and That Small Animal is Riding a Huge Wave

This Guy Joined a Band in College, and That Small Animal is Riding a Huge Wave

Both movies are about a young man who want to be the best at what they do.

Favorite Movie That I Watched Again

The True Man Show
My favorite movie ever is Living Thing Inside or On Another Living Thing, but this is probably my #2.

The Most Boring Movie I Have Seen

Guys Who Turn Into Cars

guys who turn into cars

It would have been fine if it wasn’t for the humans.

The Movie That Was Way Better Than I Thought It Would Be

Bar-Be as the Lady with a Lot of Money, and the Lady with Not So Much Money

It’s a really good movie. I had no idea that Mark In Short was in this.

The Movie That Makes Me Look like I Know More Than I Really Do

Some Black-and-White Movie

i find your brain hot and interesting

TV Shows

The Show I Like and Want to Talk to People About

That Show About Angry Food People

that show about angry food people

The Show That I Do Not Explain to People

That Show About Actual Food People

The Show that I Like Quite a Good Bit


the show i like and really want to talk to people about

Fastest Show I Have Ever Completed

To Be Mad At Someone (or, The Stuff Inside the Black-and-White Animal)

I love this show. Got me through the second half of my second year at college.

The Show That I Thought Was Good but Then It Got VERY Good

He Is Bad at Acting, But Boy is He Good at Killing


Build Harder is great.